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Normal Face-off!

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To me, There are four ways to beat Brock in Pokemon yellow.

1. Catch a Mankey and train it until it learns Low Kick.
2. Catch a Caterpie, train it until it evolves and learns Confusion
3. Catch a Weedle, train until it evolves into Beedrill
4. Catch at least 3 Pidgeys, train them all until they learn Sand Attack.

Therefore I vote the Pidgey.

Yoshi Dragon

Yoshi trainer
;016; - 5
;163; - 7

Hoothoot? I despise it....

Next Up:


Aipom Dunsparce

Dunsparce, as in my Gold, even at 1 Hp, asleep, and a level ball with a lvl 100 Ampharos, Aipom broke out. Of 4 level balls. Grrrr... And 9 Ultra Balls.

;190; - 0
;206; - 1


Coal Trainer
I vote for Aipom.

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
;190; ftw as Dunsparce is the weirdest pokemon I know.


mia san mia
Dark Espeon said:
Glasses. You. Need. ASAP. Dunsparce ain't a scorpion, WTF
Actually it is. Or did you not notice the stinger Dunsparce has for a tail. Not to mention it's design resembles a insect. Clear giveaway. Maybe you need glasses.


I vote Dunsparce. Aipom is scary o_O
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