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Normal/Fighting Deck Standard (First Deck)


New Member
This is the first deck I've made myself and I would really appreciate suggestions on if it works and how I could make it better. I know I'm not the best at picking Trainer cards, that's what I want the most help on.
If any of the cards are from sets that are or have been rotated out, please let me know.

1x Lugia [78/124 | XY Fates Collide]
4x Swablu [73/108 | XY Roaring Skies]
3x Altaria [74/107 | XY Roaring Skies]
2x Bidoof [116/160 | XY Primal Clash]
1x Bibarel [118/160 | XY Primal Clash]
2x Kangaskhan [75/124 | XY Fates Collide]
2x Regigigas [86/119 | XY Phantom Forces]
2x Regirock [40/98 | XY Ancient Origins]
4x Machop [40/83 | Generations]
2x Machoke [41/83 | Generations]

1x Pokemon Centre Lady [XY Flash Fire]
1x Tierno [XY Phantom Forces]
1x Olympia [Generations]
1x Steven [XY Roaring Skies]
1x Wally [Generations]
2x Winona [XY Roaring Skies]
1x Shauna [Generations]
3x Energy Switch [Generations]
1x Energy Recycler [XY Ancient Origins]
2x Energy Retrieval [XY Primal Clash]
1x Pal Pad [XY Flash Fire]
2x Weakness Policy [XY Primal Clash]
1x Potion [XY BreakPoint]
1x Switch [XY Roaring Skies]

2x Double Colorless Energy
1x Strong Energy [XY Furious Fists]
12x Strong Energy
3x Leaf Energy


New Member
First thing I see is that you have 13x strong energy in the deck. You ate limited to 4 copies of any card that is not a basic energy card. So that would have to be swapped first (unless you are meaning fighting energy there, then disregard).

I stopped playing standard a while ago, so I'm not sure what changes have been put in place in the last few months. I apologize if that puts my information on specific card combos out of date.

In most competitive decks, trainers are the lifeblood. I'm counting that you have 19 total trainers in the deck, most competitive decks have 30 or more. In addition, you have a lot of different types of trainers in there, so there's no focus on what you want to do.

I don't know if you are looking for a competition level deck, but either way, the first suggestion I have is that you go simple. Think of a strategy you want to go after, based on 1 or 2 pokemon. Then you build your deck around that. Professor Sycamore and N are staples in most decks because they allow you to refresh your hand and easily get the tools you need to put forth your strategy. For instance, Talonflame's attack allows you to search your deck for any two cards, and it's ability allows it to be played first turn. Talonflame BREAK's attack costs two fire energy, but you have to discard all energy attached to Talonflame to use it (150 dmg). Burning energy states that when it's discarded as a cost of an attack, you can attach it back. Hopefully you can see where the combo comes in there. The rest of the deck is designed to support that combo. From Rare Candy to allow the Fletchling in the deck to evolve straight into Talonflame, to Special Charge to recover Burning Energy that gets lost, to Max Potions to recover health. Everything works off of the primary strategy of getting Talonflame BREAK out and powered up.

So think about what 1 or 2 Pokemon you want to focus on, and then you can work on building a deck around that. Post back if you want some more specific help.