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Normal Pokemon Face Off

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I have returned!
Which of the two in each round will you vote for?
First Pokemon to get 10 moves on to next round

Round 1

;293;Whismur vs Sentret ;161;

Which is best...

Pokemon that move On:

Chaotic Houndoom

Dark Trainer
Sentret! =D


Hugging 'til the end
there is already a normal face-off. it is owned by yoshi dragon and i'm currently updating it. I don't know if there is a rule about 2 same face-offs but i think yoshi is going to restart it few times to get the face-offs he didn't get.


I have returned!
Oh umm..well ok, if he puts his back up or gets it going again I'll close this down

Sentret 1\10
Whismu 0/10


I have returned!
Sentret 2/10
Whismur 1/10

Thanks for the votes...I gotta vote for Sentret


kawaii may there are 2 other normal face-offs mine and yoshi's so we dont need any more



I vote for ;293;, so the score is now
;293; - 6/10
;161; - 2/10

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
My vote goes to WHISMUR because Exploud is cool.
Not open for further replies.