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North and South


Warning: Jokes!
My grandfather fits the Texas sterotype perfectly... Loves potatos.

Who doesn't?

The only thing that really ticks me off about northerners misconceptions about the south is that they think we're all inbred. What ticks me off even more is that I know about five people who have parents that are related (third cousins, distant relatives, etc.), but the only reason that it's like that is because after 200 years of the same people living in the same area, everyone's related by marriage some way or another.


Yeah, seriously. Any of you think your job is hard? Try mucking out horse stalls in 90 degree weather or tilling 20 acres of land. It's some damn hard work.

Nolan Bentley

I have potatos almost every night with my dinner.

Off my own topic but...: My sisters German friend jumped into a lake in the middle of december and said, "oh, its so varm, lik de North Sea."
Another source of stereotypes is whenever something big happens in the south the news media always interviews the biggest redneck they can find rather then someone else like a softer or a buisiness owner


The South is unusually stubborn since the Civil War.

Do not flame me for this, it's just the truth.
sounds logic to me, most people are stubborn when they lose something if it is a game of soccer or an entire war.

My sisters German friend jumped into a lake in the middle of december and said, "oh, its so varm, lik de North Sea."
what a poser-_-
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Officially The Worst
I just think that people in the south still need to be less of racists, I'm sorry but that thats how I feel.


Buggy down.
Fun fact: Michiganders pronounce aunt differently then the rest of the country (ant) while the rest says it like (aun-t) May not be true, but I heard it from somewhere.

I can clarify that we do pronounce it like 'ant', but I don't think that pronunciation is limited to just Michigan.

I love the south, and how people do things differently depending on where you live/grew up. I like the whole 'soda' and 'pop' thing. Everyone says pop around here, though I sometimes say soda because I like it more.

But yeah, I'd like to see more northern stereotypes on here, not just the southern ones. It seems like the south is always getting picked on. I've always lived in MI, but I don't believe the stupid **** some people say about the south. Accents are pretty cool too, everyone has one, and I like how regions effect a single language so that it sounds different.

Nolan Bentley

I'm sorry, I just think they stereotype.

We stereotype? Your the ones that label us hicks at a rodeo and never try to understand. What do think i'm wearing? not cowboy boats and overalls, that's for sure. Take a long look at Dallas, or even a city named gun barrel. Does it look anything like the open range? So we eat potatos a lot, NY eats seafood a lot. Why? because its local. Our accents are diffrent and sound kinda funny to you, New Jersy is just as odd.

Nolan Bentley

what about the west? isnt there sterotype of california that everyone is either super rich or an illegal mexican?

There is that, but then we get classified as racist. I am one of the few white kids in my school. There are maybe 50 white kids in a school population of over 1000.

Nolan Bentley

do northern states even have hocky teams?