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North and South


Pedophillia? Naww.>>
I've heard the Northwest is really boring. Just because it's so rainy.

Meh 1000th post!!
Whars meh cookie?
I hear people in Delaware are emo metal heads with anxiety problems. I also believe you mean east.

Absolute Bull****.

There also seems to be this small part of the country that says "roof," whereas this larger area is adapted to saying "ruff." Just don't ask me the exact areas.

Nolan Bentley

I hear people in Delaware are emo metal heads with anxiety problems. I also believe you mean east.

No, i meant west. Most of the talk we have had about the North was about the northern east coast and i was hoping to expand the topic.


A r t i f i c e.
I've heard the Northwest is really boring. Just because it's so rainy.

Meh 1000th post!!
Whars meh cookie?

Washington is in a drought, Oregeon is dry as my enimies mother. Northen California has been in a severe drought. Idaho, and Nevada are both dry.

Thanks for playing.

Oh, and the cookie is poisonous.
I'm from Missouri and live in Oklahoma and either I've lived in the places to long to notice or I haven't met anyone with an accent. Some funny talking people but no heavy accents.


Enter the Dragon.
I live in the North and worked and gone to school in the South (well, as South as Duke is. A lot of Southerners do not claim Duke).

A few of the differences I noticed are:
- The prevalence of Sweet Tea. You can get it everywhere in the South. Until recently, it was almost nowhere in the North. Unsweetened Tea ran rampant up North. I used to tell my roommate (from South Carolina) that I had no idea what was wrong with us.
- Indoor sports are more popular up North. Do not get me wrong, we love our football and baseball (and Southerners love their basketball), but not being able to partake in them year-round comfortably makes sports like basketball and wrestling bigger.
- Everything Juputoru said on page 4.
- The weather, obviously. Oh, and just because our Tornadoes do not come with boat-loads of water does not mean we do not get humidity in the summer. The definition of cold in the two regions does vary greatly. In the North, 55-65 would be considered a nice day, and 75 is arguably hot. The general consensus in the South is that 55 is arguably cold and 65-75 is a nice day. This is not even considering the weather extremes.

Overall, and maybe this is just because I lived in the North first (I will not discount the fact that maybe it is because I am black), but I do not mind visiting the South to see family, friends and some of the sights, but I would rather live in the North. I was all but ready to stay in North Carolina after I graduated, though.


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Houston, TX:

-Sweet tea is not seen in very many places, but unsweetened tea is everywhere
-Only maybe 0.1% of houstonians have texas accents
-70 degrees is usually considered cold
-Football is kind of unpopular in houston, due to our team being awful, baseball is popular, basket ball is quite popular
-we do have a huge rodeo every year
-VEry humid, and hot, plants stay completly green all year
-They just give you ice here, you dont have to ask

There are a few north characteristics, and some south, but I guess its not fair to judge a city of 5.5 million.