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Nosing 'Round the Mountain! (526)


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I thought it was Earthquake...


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Dumb/Boring episode for a stupid pokémon, seem just right. I couldn't help falling asleep while looking at the pictures. What the **** was Team Rocket's plan?


To control an army of mind-slave Probopass apparently.

Which would have been an insane ammount of win had they done that. Come on! Who doesn't want to see them rule the world....besides HoennMaster. >_>

.....Well...if their eyes were visible, anyway.... =/

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Obviously not, since it moved rocks from higher up, not the ground. -_-

It was a rare anime appearance of Rock Slide.

That's a weird portrayal.

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It used Rock Slide, causing rocks to fall towards the opponent, how does that possibly qualify as weird?

Also, any possible way you can start posting more than one sentence at a time?

Because it looked all psychicy.

I'll try.


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Well, unlike most of you, I actually did like this episode. The filler boy of the week had a voice that sounded like someone but I can't put my finger on it...

And I love the music that plays after TR gets Blasted off. (the first time)

(Is it just me or is Dawn like a Phoenix Wright in training?)
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Why was Nosepass' return and the advent of Probopass brought to us by some random trainer and not the sexy teacher and Gym Leader of Rustburo? :<

I've not seen this yet but I'm rather saddened to hear that the episode is rather boring. For such an interesting two Pokemon it should have been much better.

I mean it's a frikking Easter Island head that evolves into a MOUSTACHED HAT WEARING ROCK.

My newly arrived from Japan *shameless plug* Nosepass plush is crying.
I like Probopass. Though, I didn't like the way it got showcased in this episode. I was waiting for something a bit more " massive ".


This was the best Pokemon episode I've seen so far because:
Alan's voice actor also does the voice of Goku from DBZ.


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This episode was just "meh" for me. I didn't like the parts durin the fights when Allen and Ash would scream about having 'Burning Spirit' or whatever. It was kinda predictble for me, even though I saw the EP Pics on Serebii. I could just tell the different things would happen and Nosepass's evolution was too quick. Right after Allen explained its evolution it evolved, like... 5 minutes later - wayyy to predictable.

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I liked it, but like you said, the screaming of "Oh, Yeah! Burning Spirits!" was a little too much for me. A decent but reasonable filler. It was nice to see a new Pokemon, aswell Nosepass, from Diamond and Pearl guest star rather it be some Bidoof or something.

So, Sean Shemmel joins the cast too, hmm...
You know, he did sound familiar. I was like, "Is that the same guy who voiced Morrison in the Hoenn League?" He also did sound like Goku, even though I never watch Dragon Ball Z. Does he too voice Sonic? I thought that sounded like Sonic from Super Smash Brothers(Bros.) Brawl...

- Aipom