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Nosu's MSP Drawings


Contest Ribbons ^^

A couple of months ago i drew meganium in MSP
But now i have finally drew a chikortia to go with it !_!
I know its not like any other picture of a pokemon, but i like to be different
Below a meganium And a chikortia which i drew it took me a while but who cares xD the chikorita was edited from the meganium

Comment & Crit ^^


Chikorita just does not look right, the head is a funny shape to me
and so if the leaf.
Grrrr ¬¬



ASB Overlord
Staff member
Wow. Those are great, especially for MSPaint. And I love your style. It's ever so whimsical and happy.

Good going, and keep drawing.


Well-Known Member
looks cute, heck I'm even feeling a little inspirational right now. Original and kewl style too. Now because this would be not like me . . . some constructive crit! =D

The Chikorita's leaf does not look proportional to the rest of the body. Also (for both cute little green thingies) color in the little eyes through the whole outline. soime edges, like the feet of Maganium's feet, or tail are too pointy make em just a teeny blunter :p