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Not fitting in with the family


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When it comes to Family get-togethers, usually the kids/teens will all sit around and we'll play Halo, or some Xbox Game, while the adults talk. I like to go back and forth between the two, as it's always good to know what's going on in the family. Not to mention I rarely get down to see my cousins and Aunts, so it's nice to catch up and tell them what I'm up to and stuff.

granbull guy

Well, I usually like to socialize with family but, there are some family members that I don't get along with....
Like my ex uncle : I got into a fight with him at my Nana's house last Christmas it wasn't pretty, he isn't married to my Aunt anymore :p
There are other examples but it would take forever for me to type them. There are some people in my family that others don't like but I LOOVE! like my Nana lots of people in my family don't like her that much but I do; she's great and fun to be around...Don't want to talk about all the times I've had to stand up for her
My Aunt; my Aunt is awsome bottom line ;3 But, we do have are arguments like Sibling arguments, we see alot of each other seeing as how she lives with us,
My Mom; My Mom is like awsome she's wild fun and just flat out hilarious, the only time I really don't like her is when she goes all Cleaning OCD lol,
My Cousins; Well I have one cousin; I hit him all the time (We're the same age don't go all thinking GG abuses children) Another I make fun of....There both on my Dad's side, then there's one on my Mom's side SHE'S GREAT! Though her brother is incredibly boring,
Most of all I don't think I fit in with my Dad's side seeing as how there all COUNTRY YEE-HAW LETS GO HUNT'N....Yeah, GG's not into that...


blissfully dead
I do NOT fit in with my family at all. They all hate me for reasons unknown... At Christmas gatherings I usually just drink wine until I can deal with everyone's criticism.

"Oh all your tattoos and piercings! You will never have a good-paying job with all of that ugliness!"

"You should give up music and go to law school. Then you are sure to succeed!"

How encouraging my family is...


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I'm generally having holiday abroad with my family instead of staying home with big family on Christmas days, but usually me and my family always get along well. xD

And I personally just love Christmas~ It's one of the best time of the year.


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This years christmas is going to be quite social for me because we're having my grandma over and the main presents this year are wii sports 2, wii fit 2 and my personal main present... The Pool/Snooker Table!!! It is going to be so fun! Plus I can join in with the adult conversations even though I am only 13. When the day's over I will probably be able to sit back and read my new book that I have asked for, Crocodile Tears, the new Alex Rider book.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I am not a Redneck. I hate football. My family hates me.

I can't blame them though c:


I don't get along with my family per se.

I don't hangout with them, I don't really talk to them, but I do love them.


little ms. derpy
I get along great with most of my family, probably because i like never see them.
There is this one cousin who i cant stand because shes just so mean, she never wnats to talk to me or my sister whenever we're forced to be arpound eachother. She's told us that she doesnt talk to loser nerds like us, and to be honest i don't care if she doesnt talk to me at Christmas. Overall though my family and I get along fine. :]
Meh, Xmas and such just don't really work out for me. Everyone in my family are big social people, for me it's just like "fuck off and leave me alone, we don't get along so I'd appreciate it if you didn't try to force it on me", haha. I usually just crash on the couch with Pink Floyd or Radiohead or jazz or something else to chill with on my iPod.

Foo Fighter

Nostalgia is my pal
I hate my family get-togethers. I have a large family and it seems like don't know one face when they step into my house. I kinda fell like they have some kinda big inside joke that i'm just left out on. It's kinda tough to get over something like that, but if you open up to your family and just kinda talk or play a game with 'em you get to liking 'em a lot faster. Even if it's just hangin out with the kiddies watchhing cartoons, it's still a great way to get to know the family. And with the kids, at least I've found, they'll alawys look up to you as the cool guy. So you kinda set the standard for whatss cool when you hang out with 'em. Makes you feel kinda special in a way, and if you start a big game with the kids it's likely the parents will get in on it too. Which really is the way family gatherings should be.

Not a "lets put the kids over here and they can just do their thing." It should be everyone sitting on couches, watching tv, playing wii, karaoke, **** man it doesn't matter as long as its something. The holiday spirit seems so out of wack these days ya know? I mean everyone knows what they're gonna get for christmas when they ask for it. (at least thats the case in my family with the younger one.) And we all know that the kids are just gonna want more. So when my parents ask me what I want for christmas I kinda dodge the question and try to rekindle what was the christmas spirit of coming downstairs and not even knowing what was in those presents. You just knew it had to be something great.


Woah. Got kind of off topic there.
We just have conversation, I don't have family problems with my parents because I rarely see them. And even if I see them everyday we still won't have a lot of problems. My parents aren't that strict or anything. But I didn't get away from everything when I was younger..

Mankanshoku Mako

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I hate socializing in general. On top of that I really don't like my family that much. Basically I just grab my presents and disapear just like any other day....


not the color
I'm an awkward person, so usually I'm not good at conversation. Therefore, I often keep to myself... though with my large family that's impossible.

Lately, I've been having less of a problem simply talking to people, so a lot of the times I'll converse with my cousins, or close aunts and uncles.

All in all, I find Christmas to one of the most wonderful times of the year.


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The only family I ever really see are my parents. I don't really not get along with the rest of my family, but I don't really get along with them at the same time. We all live so far away and never see each other. We never really got the chance to know each other and we probably never will. I have been keeping in touch with a few cousins as of late though, so that might turn into a good relationship; I visited them during the summer.
I don't fit in with my family either. I don't eat christmas dinner, which takes up a fair bit of the day. Last year, I opened my presents, and went up to the farm to do a few things.
Every christmas my gran has a do where the hole family gets togethor.

The younger ones sit there watching CBBC or Cartoon neteork.

While the older ones(the mothers) sit in the front room, dissing stuff things like Phone bills.

Not what a 19 year old not mother fits in with..

so Does has this happened to you guys ?

Yea i've been different to not only my family but many people i know which has caused many people i don't know to be attracted to me and my family repeled from me.

I move out just a wile ago living with my families other half that i never knew existed until now.

Exosensory...i'm like a living paradox i guess...