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Not fitting in with the family


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I don't always fit in. I'm not that great at making conversation straight away in person at least but I wouldn't say I don't fit in.

I hang out with my little brother a lot at home and we get on very well. We have some very funny conversations :p I talk to my Mum a lot as well, usually about what I did at school or whatever is on the TV. I have some good conversations with my Dad as well although I don't talk to him as often as I should.

When it comes to Christmas and birthdays, I'm usually silent. I don't want to do anything to embarass myself ;)


I always hang out with my cousins at the weekends and talk & play all the time.
Other time,I'm in my room. It's just I fit with in family but not 100%.
I'm always with a member of my family. We are bonded.


Haters gonna hate
As far as holidays go, I still have to sit at the kid's table, even though I'm 18
Well, at least I'm not alone, my cousin who is also 18, another cousin who is in her 20's and my brother who is 20 also sits at the kid table... well, now that we are all getting older it's more like the young adult table as I only have 1 cousin now who is actually a kid (he's like, 9). As for "fitting in" I guess I don't all my family on my dad's side is very traditional and religious and stuff like that. I'm... not. The family on my mom's side is all over the place and we don't seem to talk much but we are actually similar enough to say I fit in. I hate to say I'm so much like my mother though...


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I pretty much fit in perfectly with my mom's and my dad's sides of the family, but I don't really fit in at all with my stepdad's side.

I don't like racing,
I don't like sports,
I don't like fishing that much,
I don't like most if any of the things my step dad's side of the family likes.

Worst part, tonight is the thanksgiving night for their family (Wish me luck!)