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Not Gonna Write You a Love Song (An OU Team featuring Meloetta)



Hello everyone. This is CedOmega coming to you all with an all new gimmicky team that utilizes the OU use of the very much underestimated UU Meloetta. Meloetta, like most UU Pokemon, is often overlooked as being a "useless Pokemon". Contrary to this opinion is the fact that Meloetta is the perfect counter to most Psychic & Ghost-types, like Gengar & Alakazam which, while moderately abundant, are often duped by its Calm Mind set and left with no other resort than to try and stall. I decided that since Meloetta is very under minded and more so unexpected in OU, it's be the perfect suspect to build a team around. That said, I welcome you to "Not Gonna Write You a Love Song". :D


Trait: Serene Grace
Timid nature
4 Defense/ 252 Sp.Attack/ 252 Speed
Psychic, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power (Fire) & Calm Mind
IVs: 31/02/31/30/31/30

As said previously, Meloetta is the focus of the team. Meloetta's typing is unique in the sense that it is shared only by the NU Pokemon Girafarig and thus grants it immunity to common Ghost & Fighting-type attacks, meaning previously mentioned Gengar and Alakazam struggle to handle it effectively. Coupled with Serene Grace, Meloetta's Psychic and Thunderbolt become threatening attacks with their chance to lower the foe's Sp.Defense or cause paralysis. Often are teams crippled by paralysis when facing Meloetta's Thunderbolt, and then set up upon or straightforward attacked. For coverage, Hidden Power (Fire) was added. With Scizor and Ferrothorn being such potent threats, I needed a solution that didn't involve being obvious. Considering most Scizor utilize a Choice Band set and carry Pursuit, it was ultimately the best choice. Calm Mind is more of a buffer, boosting the damage is can inflict with each attack and buffing its special defenses so that it may stand ground against threats like Volcarona and Hydreigon. I've always been a HUGE fan of Psychic-type Pokemon, so using Meloetta is always fun regardless of the results of the battle!


Keldeo-R@Choice Scarf
Trait: Justified
Timid nature
252 Sp.Attack/ 4 Sp.Defense/ 252 Speed
Hydro Pump, Secret Sword, Hidden Power (Electric) & Icy Wind
IVs: 31/31/31/30/31/31

Keldeo-R is somewhat the glue of the team. I decided that Keldeo-R was the ideal Pokemon to use since the abundance of Rain teams on PS showed themselves to be a bit challenging regardless of Meloetta's ability to tank their attacks after simply 2 Calm Mind. Hydro Pump, even without Rain, OHKOs Volcarona variants after rocks, and dents even bulky Politoed variants pretty nicely. Hidden Power (Electric) was added after both Jellicent and Gyarados proved to be worthy threats to the team. Secret Sword is for specially defensive Pokemon who can't exactly take a STAB Fighting move well...Blissey? Icy Wind was added after the lack of Hidden Power (Ice) showed to be hindering the team. Since the secondary effect of Ice Wind is lowering the foe's Speed, it comes in handy when Latias and Latios variants try and switch in on a mispredicted Hydro Pump, Secret Sword, or Hidden Power (Electric).


Scizor@Choice Band
Trait: Technician
Adamant nature
248 Hp/ 252 Attack/ 8 Speed
Bullet Punch, U-Turn, Superpower & Pursuit

So with the imminent Lati-Twin threat to the team and Keldeo-R's limitation to handling them, I decided to add their most potent threat, Scizor. Like other CB Scizor variants, this set does a lot of switching, meaning hazards are an overall annoyance. Hazards altogether are an annoyance. This set needs little explanation to those who've encountered or have had
some sort of experience with is. Being this most overused Pokemon ever, I find it hard to believe when someone says they've not encountered one in OU. Haha.


Trait: Sturdy
Adamant nature
248 Hp/ 252 Attack/ 8 Sp.Defense
Earthquake, Ice Shard, Rapid Spin & Stealth Rock

Donphan's role amoungst the rest of the tem is very simple: Come in, Spin, Hit hard/Set up rocks, Run. The most annoying thing I've found for Donphan is Breloom outpacing and Spore'ing it, however, I do get in decent damage with priority Ice Shard and an Adamant nature. Its massive Attack and ability to revenge certain Dragon-types like Salamence, Garchomp, and Dragonite. Donphan has one of the most important Pokemon on the team with its ability to remove opposing hazards, resistance to opposing Stealth Rock and capability to tank and revenge most basic physical attacks.


Dragonite@Lum Berry
Trait: Multiscale
Adamant nature
252 Attack/ 4 Sp.Defense/ 252 Speed
Outrage, Extremespeed, Earthquake & Dragon Dance

Dragonite is commonly used as the team's late game sweeper. Its set is used to utilize its ability to fire off at least one or two Dragon Dance before going into a complete, and sometimes literal, outrage. Lum Berry is used to obliterate the confusion that Dragonite acquires while using Outrage or any status inflicted upon him while setting up. That said, Outrage is used when all resistant Pokemon on the opposing team have been removed. Earthquake is a decent attack used on Heatran & Ferrothorn threats to the team. Usually Meloetta or Keldeo-R is used in removing said Ferrothorn threats.


Trait: Natural Cure
Bold nature
252 Hp/ 252 Defense/ 4 Sp.Defense
Seismic Toss, Wish, Heal Bell, Thunder Wave

At last we come to the team's cleric, Chansey. Also the team's wall, Chansey often comes in on attacks aimed at a majority of the team. Since I changed Sableye to Dragonite, Chansey's Wish has been more heavily relied upon in supporting Dragonite and Meloetta overall. Seismic Toss is Chansey's way of "denting" the opposing team's Pokemon and wearing them down slowly, yet surely. Thunder Wave support is sometimes shaky mid-game, but it pulls through in the end more or less. Not much more could be said about Chansey's role, other than that it can be very annoying to the opponent to have to deal with.

In closing the team has brought me a lot of success both as a battled on Pokemon Showdown and WiFi. Meloetta took some time to adjust to, since my natural fear of Ghost-types still tends to catch me on the defensive on occasion. Aside from this, I'd like to be open to any suggestions made toward the improvement of the team. Please do not suggest anything that would open up holes and glaring weaknesses to the team. Irreplaceable members are obviously Meloetta, Keldeo-R and Chansey. The three are the most commonly used on the team when facing friends via WiFi and sometimes of PS. Anyways, happy rating. :)

Love Song (Meloetta) @ Leftovers
Trait: Serene Grace
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
- Psychic
- Thunderbolt
- Hidden Power [Fire]
- Calm Mind

Revolution (Keldeo-Resolute) @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Justified
EVs: 252 SAtk / 4 SDef / 252 Spd
Timid Nature
- Hydro Pump
- Secret Sword
- Hidden Power [Electric]
- Icy Wind

Rollout (Donphan) (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
IVs: 30 Atk / 30 Def
- Ice Shard
- Earthquake
- Rapid Spin
- Stealth Rock

Abrigor (Scizor) (M) @ Choice Band
Trait: Technician
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Bullet Punch
- U-turn
- Superpower
- Pursuit

Redemption (Dragonite) (M) @ Lum Berry
Trait: Multiscale
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature
- Outrage
- ExtremeSpeed
- Earthquake
- Dragon Dance

Pinky (Chansey) (F) @ Eviolite
Trait: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Seismic Toss
- Heal Bell
- Wish
- Thunder Wave

Featured battle as example:
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No comments? Noone has any advice for me?


I'm more of a novice competitive battler, but from your battle videos, I can see that Chansey would probably be much better with protect. It uses wish, and then is forced to switch out many times in fear of being KO'ed. Protect makes Wish a much more reliable source of recovery.

Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with your team. The synergy is great, and I don't see in any major threats either.


Thanks for the suggestion, T-bolt. I like the idea of Wish+ Protect, however it means that Chansey must sacrifice one of her support moves and that can br critical at times. Then again, it can't hurt not to test it out, so I'll be back with feedback after a few battles with the change. Thanks. :)


Active Member
Team looks good, just a few points.
1. Hp fire is good, but you could also consider substitute for a sub/cm set. it is true that scizor is annoyinng, but you get great coverage between psyshic and thunderbolt. If you want another good set to try, that works well in uu is work up with close combat/thunderbolt/psychic. Scizor and tyranitar will think twice before switching in. Hp fire is dependent on the weather, also. If its raining, it'll do pitiful damage especially to ferrothorn. Just an option to try.
2.keldeo with hp electric is always better imo. Everybody expects the hp ice scarf variant, but icy wind/hp electric have perfect coverage. So good job!
3. Scizor/donphan are good.
4. Why not run adamant > jolly on dnite? Extremespeed gives you priority. You know what you could try is changing dnite to choice band dnite and have scizor run a boosting set. It'll give you great priority between extremespeed, ice shard and bullet punch. Also, with rain everywhere, and an adamant nature, donphan wont be tanking too many strong hits tbh. Rapin spin helps dnite a lot and both share that ice weakness.(watch out for cloyster). If dnite loses multiscale, you'll find yourself struggling against common scarfers like terrakion, keldeo, starmie, and hp ice landorus. But, that's personal preference.
5. Chansey looks good, you may want to try toxic > thunderwave. It'll help your team clean up much easier late game.


Togekiss Trainer
Whoa, another Meloetta fan. That's awesome!

patthecat11756 up there mention some of things I wanted to say, except have you considered running Focus Blast over HP Fire on Meloetta? Sure the accuracy is terrible, but the coverage it brings is worth it. With just one CM under her dress, Meloetta can OKHO Specially defensive Tyranitar, a feat that not many Special attackers can accomplish. Focus Blast can also deal with Ferrothorn in the Rain, as it will be under the rain most of the time.

And like patthecat11756 also mentioned, try running an Adamant nature on Dnite, since he has Thunder Wave support from Chansey, so he'll be out speeding a lot of stuff once you start spreading the paralysis around. The boost in power will be noticeable.

On a (somewhat) separate note, kudos for not using the Mixed Relic Song set in OU, that's basically the only set I've ever seen people run with Meloetta, which is kind of depressing. Her Sub CM set is devastating in UU, and can do some serious work in OU as well. MELOETTA FTW!!!
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Thanks for the feedback, Patthecat11756 & ZerocielX. :)

@Patthecat11756: I've used SubCM Meloetta on a past team upon its release. I found that its lack of physical defense leaves something to be desired, unfortunately. I use the current set on Meloetta because I've found that it suits the team somewhat better. I will consider using it again, however.

Hmmm...I'll test Adamant nature on Dragonite sometime. I prefer a scouting CB Scizor, so I may have to pass up CB Draonite's change. Sorry. Btw, Wish plays a very important role in handling Scarfed Pokemon like Terrakion, etc when SR is up and Dragonite needs to switch in.

Thunder Wave is a bit too crucial to give up for Toxic. Honestly, I run Toxic on a Blissey similar to Chansey and I've missed the ability to cut the opponent's speed; especially when considering the vast amount of set up sweepers that roam the OU metagame. Thunder Wave also gives Meloetta more opportunities to come in and set up for a potential sweep.

@ZerocielX: Haha. :D I love Psychic-types overall. I've recently taken interest in using Meloetta, Jirachi and Celebi. Using Meloetta was originally supposed to be for gimmick sake, but, as you can see, it took on a life of its own. And I agree, it's very depressing using the Relic Dance set... and it being so popular...

As for your suggestion, Focus Blast does seem appealing. I'm quite good at predicting switches, so Tyranitar has to be moreso worrisome of Keldeo, Scizor & Donphan.

Thanks for the suggestions! After some tests, I'll return with my findings. :)


Golden Sun 4?
You could use Thunder over Thunderbolt on Meloetta, as she has Serene Grace, for the Paralysis, for a small decrease in accuracy. I am not a great Team Rater though so this may not be a good idea :)

See Ya ;)


Hey, thanks for the suggestion, Tomatohater. First off I want to say to never underestimate the amount of help a single suggestion may bring. One change drastically changes the balance of the team, and could result in overall victory. That said, I have tested Thunder on Meloetta prior to fixing the entire team as it currently is. After a few costly misses, I opted out for the more accurate and assuring Thunderbolt. It has since not failed me. Thanks for the suggestion, though. It was appreciated. :)


Results of Change

Haven't had time or any way to test the changes on PS, so I did it through WiFi battles. To those of you who made suggestions, these are my findings:

Protect > Seismic Toss/ Thunder Wave:
Left my team desiring Seismic Toss' ability to tear down opposing Pokemon. In replacing Thunder Wave, the team missed out on the cut in Speed and struggled in taking down faster opponents. THANK GOD I HAVE ICY WIND!

SubCM > CM + HP(Fire):
Meloetta sorta failed in OU. Scizor kept shutting down its Sub, where as it would be surprisingly OHKO'ed by an HP(Fire). Ferrothorn also seemed to present an ominous threat after the change, too.

Focus Blast > Thunerbolt:
OMG...why? Why couldn't this OHKO Scizor? Aside from that, Focus Blast was a cool change. When is hit, that is. Haha.

Adamant nature > Jolly nature:
Dragonite didn't exactly care for Gyarados, which is why it was running Jolly nature to begin with. I found that I'm able to predict the Dragon Dance and follow up with the switch in to Keldeo, whom then OHKO's with an HP(Electric). Therefore, Adamant nature shall stay on Dragonite. :)

In addition, Importable has been added!
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