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Nothing will ever beat original series. Nothing.

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Tbh, i prefer from OS to DP, OS what it had was the comedy part, we know that Ash was a mediocre trainer up until the Johto League and wasn't extremely happy go lucky, the roasts back then were hilarious


I generally agree, although I personally try not to dwell on it because being too nostalgic about OS makes it harder to appreciate the sagas that came after it, especially recent ones.

Yes, I would like to even go further in the puritanism and say that nothing will beat Shudo-written episodes.
As much as I respect the man, many of the episodes that he wrote during the Jouto saga were uninteresting installments that most people don't remember, and for good reason. So I don't agree with the implication that his episodes couldn't be beat.


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I hate it when people put the original series on a pedestal. Yeah the series was alot funnier back then and character dynamics were fun too but you shouldn't ignore the improvements that the other sagas made.

Besides the original series had a ton of crappy episodes for every excellent one so it's not like all of those old episodes were infallible.

Unpopular opinion : Only the first episode is good enough. Everything is downhill after that.
God almighty do you ever have anything positive to say about the show? Why even spend time thinking about a show that you plainly hate? Why are you here?


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As far as comedy goes maybe but even than other series have funny moments too. Misty and Brock didn't do much and while Ash is my favorite I prefer when he's the champ like Orange/ DP / XY / AG over Kanto, he in my opinion is the most bad Ass in those series. I also prefer the other girls to Misty minus Iris because they are much nicer and show better support to him.


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I miss the traditional animation, particularly some of the FX animation & complex, hand drawn perspective shots/camera movements. Most of those scenes are done with CG nowadays, so they’re no longer impressive.
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