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November 11th: SM96 - The Rocket Gang and Nuikoguma!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Oct 23, 2018.

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  1. Nah, idk when we will get new titles. I find it strange that there wasnt any episode yet about LGPE, except those shorts.
  2. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Farewell N...

    LGPE hasn't come out yet, that's why.
  3. Yeah. It always surprises me how SM reveals its titles, mostly one week before the episode.
  4. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    But then the first Sun and Moon episode aired on the day before the Sun and Moon games came out. So I wouldn't be surprised at all if Eevee joins Ash and his friends in this episode.
  5. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    I don't think you understood correctly. She said it's going to be a recurring character, as in "a character that's going to appear in more episodes than just SM96". It has nothing to do with whatever weird fan terminology you're applying here.
  6. playerking

    playerking Sick of dealing with idiots.


  7. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    The Ditto are back! Out of all the classmates, it looks like that it's only Ash and Lillie who will appear in this episode. The Bewear rescue was pretty expected and at that point Stufful was already attached to Jessie.
  8. Shotgunrain

    Shotgunrain Well-Known Member

    I know what recurring character means. I was just speculating on whether Stufful will be caught by the TRio or not and the reasons why I don't think they will catch it.
  9. Ignition

    Ignition Wake me up when get to Sinnoh

    Arbok call back? Yes please.
    I love that Faba has absolutely no time for their tomfoolery
    Mega Altaria likes this.
  10. lolipiece

    lolipiece Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Seeing as Stufful is holding onto Jessie when Bewear appears, I'm gonna assume it's going to be the reason why it ends up with them.

    If so, it'd be funny, since it usually ends up preventing them from stealing Pokemon.
    Pokegirl Fan~ likes this.
  11. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    Faba not having time for Team Rocket to fool around is funny enough as he stares blankly at them. Love how he joins the side with Ash and Lillie at some point.
    Ignition likes this.
  12. Lucario At Service

    Lucario At Service Calm Trainer

    I wonder, if they would use these Ditto's to somehow showcase "Meltan" in the anime (similar to how it was showcased in Pokemon Go).
  13. 1rkhachatryan

    1rkhachatryan Call me Robert guys

    Hahaha the one time TR gets a pokemon it's by accident.
    KenzeyEevee likes this.
  14. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    So Ash and Lillie are the only here and not the whole group?
  15. Mega Altaria

    Mega Altaria Shiny hunter

    The others don't have voicing roles so it's pretty much Ash and Lillie. The others may or may not appear but if they do they won't have any voicing roles and they will most likely have a cameo role.
  16. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    Looks like TR's scheme is gonna be cut short pretty quickly for better or worse.

    I'd love if we got some more Ash and Lillie chemistry here though.

    Almost all legitimate progress they make as villains is through bumbling (eg. becoming such incompetent failures that Giovanni forgets who they are and promotes them).
    satopi likes this.
  17. fidjnr

    fidjnr Active Member

    TRio's plan will fail before it even got started
  18. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    Team Rocket episode, let's go!! \(^_^)/ Awesome to see only Ash and Lillie. I think this will be another time where Bewear doesn't swoop in to stop the TRio. Maybe when he sees Stufful.
  19. DatsRight

    DatsRight Well-Known Member

    I hope Lillie gets some noteworthy scenes, the recent episode has convinced me they're struggling with the girls.
  20. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    Ah this already just looks boring like today's episode.
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