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November 12th: PM2019 087 - The Ice Queen and Glacia

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Today Satoshi is joining Go and Koharu in school for a presentation! And while he's there, a girl named Regina who has a partner Glacia named "Micie" transfers to Go and Koharu's class. Koharu and Eievui have never seen a Glacia before and are really intrigued by it. However, Micie is very cautious and end up immediately unleashing Blizzard on the students in order to protect Regina...!

Screenplay 松井亜弥 (Aya Matsui)
Storyboard 古川晟 (Noboru Furukawa)
Episode Director 古川晟 (Noboru Furukawa)
Animation Director 大西雅也 (Masaya Onishi)
Animation Director 伊藤京子 (Kyoko Ito)
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I wouldnt be surprised if Koharu interacted with all the Eeveelutions before next year


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For one, I’m glad we finally have confirmation hat we have an episode on the 12th, since there were rumors there would be ANOTHER break. For another, I really like Glaceon and feel it is really unappreciated even as an Eeveelution, despite May owning one. But when I read the title, I won’t lie I thought it was talking about the Hoenn E4 member named Glacia. To this day Drake’s episode in AG is one of the most memorable in my mind (partly because it was one of the first episodes I ever saw air live as a kid). Maybe one day E4 members of Hoenn will get more love.
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