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November 12th: PM2019 087 - The Ice Queen and Glacia

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So we replace boring Goh fillers with boring Chloe fillers using one of the most overused line in Pokemon for the plot? They should've had Ash catch Eevee instead of Chloe and done a multiparter with the Eeveelution trainer Virgil from the Unova League if they wanted to show off the Eeveelutions. Then have it evolve to Sylveon for an Ultra Class match against Virgil. Would've been better for his team than that redundant Sirfetch'd.
I like that idea


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Well, even tho Koharu's episodes are also boring (ever since she became an Eevve's puppet), it is better than another ew Goh's episode :D


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Yay, Chloe again :D!!!! I wish it was May coming back with Glaceon but still, this is fine. I wonder what Eevee will get here :).


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Then you don't have to worry, the E4 ice type member may also have Glaceon.
I'm sure they didn't take it by accident and give Glaceon for E4 member.
Because Glacia has the same name of the Pokemon species.

Besides, her appearance reminds me more of the Ice Queen than the rest of the ice type trainers.
So finally Journeys shows us all the regions and all the Pokémon from the 8 regions.

I just hope it won't be some random trainer, which I don't like the most about.

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Yay, Chloe again :D!!!! I wish it was May coming back with Glaceon but still, this is fine. I wonder what Eevee will get here :).
Koharu received an water stone necklace in the vaporeon episode and a sun&moon necklace in the Espeon&Umbreon episode, I wonder if she's gonna receive some kind of glaceon related necklace (or some other thing) here too


Legends Arceus shall be a masterpiece
Here's a thought...what if there's a new Eeveelution in Legends...:confused:
You know, eevee and it's eeveelutions currently cover 9 types aka half of the types
With Eevee's Z move I think it would be weird to bring in new eeveelutions
So what I think will be cool is a new eevee regional variant that's maybe ghost type, and it can evolve into the other remaining types yet to be covered!
Don't see it happening in legends tho, maybe gen 9
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