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November 25th: PM2019 133 - Project Mew

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While Satoshi is in the Masters Tournament Finals, Go has gone to Faraway Island for the Mew search. But as Go, Shigeru, Tokio, Tsurugi and Asahi arrive on the Island, they lose contact with Professor Hodaka back at the lab, and their monster balls don't work either. What will happen to Go and the others as they continue their search to meet Mew in the midst of all these issues?!

Screenplay 米村正二 (Shōji Yonemura)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Episode Director 牧野友映 (Tomoe Makino)
Animation Director 大川義史 (Yoshifumi Ookawa)
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I'm not surprised that Yonemura is writing this episode. I wonder if this will 'complete' the mission or if it will simply have Gou come to the conclusion that he needs to leave the research fellowship program to focus full-time on Project Mew?


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The fact I highly doubt Goh will even keep Mew because he'll surely learn that it's better off being on a journey (or, um, it's 2020 for the Japanese audience) means that Ash won't hold his end of the deal either.
Oh yeah, I don't expect Goh to keep Mew. And even if he does, it will be a Suicune type situation where Goh technically caught Mew, but it's not really his Pokemon.


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It’s funny that catching pokemon is only evil when Team Rocket does it.
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