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November 25th: PM2019 133 - Project Mew

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Deluded Dreamer
Yeah that's my point. Them hypothetically releasing the new games and Ash winning would not do anything but help the series.

I'm not underestimating it. I literally witnessed it happen in real time. Not once did I imply that his win had no impact. You mention casuals or people who lost interest but they literally wouldn't have cared when it happened since their interest in the brand is very passive. You mentioned previously that it would conflict with the release of SV but would that not be better if they're interested in the new Pokémon game that also releases on a Friday (potentially the same day)? Pokemon having its most iconic characters winning in the same time frame as the most revolutionary title in the franchise would not conflict with either.

If the point is to have them interested in what's going on currently, it's counterintuitive to space them out. When you have someone's interest, why would you want to wait to get them interested in other products? More people would jump to the new games if it released around the same time than waiting for the hype to fizzle out.
I think we are pretty much agreeing on the same thing, that the hype for Ash vs Leon would help SV, but disagreeing on the timeline
Id argue it pretty much did release close to the games anyway, just one week before they came out, so you have this one week hype ass a precursor for the games, giving them more hype. I think its more effective for it to be one week before the games release then the week the games release or the week after, and I do feel it was a major reason why Ash vs Leon culminated exactly before the games finished and Project Mew was saved afterwards, not to mention PM would probably directly bring up Goh's future and therefore future of the Ash and Goh duo
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