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November 25th: PM2019 133 - Project Mew

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read/watch dungeon meshi
Looking forward to the conclusion and how Goh's send off as well even though this should have happened before the tournament imo.

Can someone translate the preview, feels like something weird is going on.
According to the summary, they lost contact with the Professor and the Pokeballs don't work.


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According to the summary, they lost contact with the Professor and the Pokeballs don't work.

Yeah, that's basically what they're talking about in the preview.


Question since the pokeballs are not working how will they catch mew


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Now I saw on bulbapedia Ash is listed on the characters list but I highly doubt he’s joining Project Mew. He’ll probably be busy sending out invites for the party at his home to celebrate becoming world champion.


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I thought the preview would be more hype and we would see legendaries or at least Mew but.....for something called project mew we barely see the thing


this is a Nessa x Sonia stan account ✨
Not a week break and then a Goh episode while we sit in agony wondering if Ash's journey will be over...
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