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November 3rd: SM146 - Thank You, Alola! Respective Departures!!

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I hope they made him some kind of honorary graduate, it would be silly if he just downright leaves alola without some kind of degree oe even a small resolution.


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I think everyone here will go their own ways. I think Lillie will still in Alola for Mohn. Maybe Kukui will leave for badges in like Unova or something.


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Thanks for everything for Sun and Moon, in spite of everything you could say about it it definitely left it's mark and won't be forgotten

Anyway were getting a Clemont/Bonnie special after this r-right?
God I hope so

Maybe there will be a graduation ceremony and we might finally see the rest of the Pokémon School’s staff


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I mean I wasn’t really expecting them to find him after some time. Maybe looking for their father gives them the courage to finally leave Alola and travel. I wouldn’t mind Iris or Misty/Brock having a cameo in the specials.


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The Mohn subplot was dragged out a lot more than it should’ve been; instead of filler they should’ve devoted at least one more episode to actually, you know, finding him. I guess this could give Gladion & Lillie incentive to travel, but it still feels strange to not have it resolved.

I’ve had major issues with it, but I will miss SM. It’s also impressive to me that it’s been the longest series since DP


Humans are tools
God I hope so

Maybe there will be a graduation ceremony and we might finally see the rest of the Pokémon School’s staff

They didn't appear until now i doubt they will appear just to disappear forever.


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Welp look like the Mohn plot line isn’t going to be cover in the series.

This is what happens when you spend year 2 of the series doing nothing.
Any clues to Mohn weren't even given until episode 117. Besides, if the next series really is all regions, they most likely planned it so that they had an excuse for the Aether siblings to come back.


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Overall it seems like the series will end on a whimper... but it certainly isn't the worst of all the series. It had a lot of potential with the new format change honestly, I actually liked that they went the route they did... but everything wasn't really executed that well and there was so much lost potential.

Oh well. Looks like next series will be pretty exciting regardless of what happens so there's that to look forward to.


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No mohn is weird, it's not even a forgotten storyline, seeing as they last touched on that during the league finals
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