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November 5th: PM2019 086 - Mega Evolution VS Kyodaimax

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Iwaaaane :D
Ultimately, I think the episode was okay, it's just Ash and Lucario's relationship is the major sticking point since I don't think this episode had the kind of depth I was hoping it had. That moment there was nice, but like the one other time Ash got " depressed " in the series, it felt really fleeting and I'm a bit concerned it'll end up unsubstantial.

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New summary:

Satoshi and Saito are fighting a seesaw battle! And as neither of them yield an inch, they both eventually end up with one Pokémon left; Satoshi's Lucario and Saito's Kairiky. Saito Kyodaimaxes Kairiky and Satoshi faces her with his mega evolved Lucario! Which of them will the goddess of victory smile upon?!
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It was something unexpected that Bea and Korrina were friends, but Well, I quite liked the episode, a Little Weird that ash could not Activate the Mega but, Leon witnessed the battle, And regarding this episode Mr. Duck will be here! i hope he wins over hawlucha that's enough for me! (plus ash's mega lucario looks very cool in the Preview)


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The episode was definitely surprising to me in a really great way. Having Korrina stick around longer is always nice, especially since we all assumed she wouldn’t appear beyond a flashback with her Lucario, seeing as only the latter was a part of the VA list. Having Leon there too is a welcome shock, but I guess if the battle is in Galar it’s not unrealistic to assume he watches a lot of Hyper Class WCS battles in-person. Confirmation that Sir Birdy is fighting is great - it and Dracovish have been practically nonexistent since their respective battles in the Great Class. At least our KAMON is getting some love here, though we pray he won’t be a fall guy like Gengar.

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I know this is asking for too much but I want Sirfetch'd to beat Hawlucha by bashing it's head in with that leak lance, and just straight up bring the pain down, like bashing someone's forehead with a kendo stick.

glad this episode's airing next week, the sudden weirdness with the schedule had me nervous cause I didn't want to wait any longer for this to end.


That moment when the animators put more effort on a old gimmick that can’t be use in the current games instead of the current gimmick.
To be fair, animating giant creatures is a pain and can often be sluggish, especially if they're attempting to do it without collateral. Just watch the Godzilla or King Kong movies.
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