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November Plot Discussion


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'ello, 'ello! It's time for Pokespe SWSH for September!




First up, the Rivals and Peony arrive in Freezington.

Meanwhile, Sou and company have to deal with a gang of Berry-loving Pokemon.

The Starters team up! Looks like it's evolution time soon.


The Chords of Steel
There's no way they're wrapping this up in the next couple of chapters.
I wonder if they're just gonna leave it until the volumes come out or if there is even a remote possibility of regaining Sunday Webry.

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
I have a feeling Bede, Hop and Marnie will get Galarian Legendary Birds.

I'm wondering where the finale is aiming at.

Also -will there be a Legends: Arcues Chapter.


Pokemon and Kamen Rider is life
I wonder how all the remaining important events will fit in for the next couple of months as we all know Scarlet and Violet arc may start before the year ends, or they'll just continue in the full volumes. As for Legends Arceus. I think they'll release it together with SV in a different website.


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Sadly it was only a question from my side...
Oh, I'm sorry. That was my fault, I read it wrong... It's sad that there won't be a PLA arc, they could have done cool things there.

And now that I realize, SHSW should be over soon because SV comes out in just 2 months, I wonder how they will wrap this up, it doesn't feel like we're near the end.


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Do the starters evolve in this chapter or does it cut from them and allude that they will evolve next month?

On a side note, I feel like Thwackey hasn’t really done much since Soudos 2nd Gym battle, (especially compared to amount of screen time Raboot & Drizzile have had) and yet it’s already about to evolve.


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That would’ve been his battle against Kabu, and with the type matchup not in his favor I don’t think he would’ve used Thwackey.

So it’s confirmed Soudo got Kubfu?