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Now that Ash is leaving how likely will his friends return now?


Title says it all. Some? All? None?


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Plot twist: Serena is the protagonist of Ash and Pikachu's sendoff.

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We still don't know if the new anime will be taking place in the same timeline as Ash's or in an AU. To me it seems like it'd be taking place in an AU and there will be no returning characters.


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Many of his friends are game characters, these might appear but with what we know so far, with no continuity

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The only friends I can see returning are Iris since she is Unova’s Champion, Bonnie and Max if they aged enough to go out on their own journeys (preferably together as I think that they have potential to be good friends), all of the Alolan friends including Gladion and Lillie, Goh, Dawn, and Serena. Misty and Brock have too much history with Ash that them returning without him feels wrong, May’s Japanese voice actress retired and I feel like she has accomplished enough to not need to return, Cilan because he was honestly boring as a character and had mostly a one note joke that got old REALLY fast and that’s why I think he shouldn’t return and Clemont shouldn’t because Bonnie should be able to have her own adventures without her brother around all the time.
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If champions from past regions return, I can see them being vague on whether they are the same Ash met or not


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Only by game appearances, not Ash’s friends we know.


look at Goku even though gt was canon by the time he left with shebron he and his friends returned in a special and later on in a new series called dragon ball super


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They probably won't. I think these 11 episodes will be their conclusion as well. I guess there's a chance that Iris will return for BW remakes but even for that, I'm skeptical. Alder is the champion in those games so I think whenever the anime gets around to BW remakes, Alder will champion again just as Steven became champion again in XY for ORAS promotion

I'd say Ash himself is the only one that will cameo. I actually think the new series will open with the Leon battle playing on TV


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We’ll definitely see them in the Ash mini series. I doubt we’ll see them in the new series. They can’t even come up with a new title for the new saga.