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Now that Ash utterly destroyed Bea, who will be his next victim?

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In latest episode our hero, Ash Ketchum slaughtered Bea in front of millions of people, it wasn't even a Pokemon match.

Using only Pikachu against all three of her useless Pokemon, he completely wiped the floor with her.

Due to her trauma, Bea swore never to battle again, and will instead dedicate the rest of her life serving as Mr. Mime's maid.


Who will be the next loser?


Daughter of Magikarp's Salesman?

That girl from start of Pokemon Movie 3 with bandanna who couldn't look like classic female Pokemon trainer even if she tried?


I don't feel safe!

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Lol what?

Anyways it would be great if the unpredictable happens and Lillie destroys Ash even if he is supposed to be unbeatable, in the hyper class at least. The PWC is being handled horribly anyways so might as well have this happen.


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Whoever it is, I'm kind of hoping Ash will lose his next match since he's been raising his rank a little too fast. It seems like they're either setting him up for another loss or rushing through the Ultra Class to wrap up Gen 8 by next Fall

If I had to guess, it could be Drake because they're bringing him back in the next Project Mew episode, but I'm personally hoping it'll be Flint or Alain


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