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Now,what's the best HANDHELD currntly?

Lol it's the DS vs PSP thread all over again

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zonic the hedgehog



DS = PSP <<<<<<<< GPX2

Nuff' said. GPX2, the best handheld none of you have heard of, and have yet to play.

Already posted this ages ago, but the DS and PSP are just... equal. None of them can really out-pwn the other. By the way, nobody has mentioned the game Gripshift for PSP! That game is tons of fun, and I've just recently purchased it. Not to mention the two Megaman games. Finally, some good titles are starting to pop up for the PSP!

Soemthing I've found myself is that I tend to play my GBA games much more than my DS games. Odds are those games' DS sequals haven't come out yet, but still it shows that GBA is probably going to last a little longer than we think.

I quite agree. "Drill Dozer" is certainly proving that. The game is incredible, and it just came out.
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