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'Nubs of Doom' or 'What the hell do you think it should have done?' (Spoilers)


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What do you think has been Swinub's greatest contribution to the series as a whole?

My personal favourite was it's unscrupulous defiance of the Bird-like one. Driven by the alure of both blasthemy and hunger, the hoofless swine forged ahead with all it's might, willing to devour any creature opposing it's right to consume the foodstuffs provided by the Pokémon Centre. Held back by a jaw rivaled only by angry looking (yet rather fetching in their red scales) fish below the gangplank, the result of of it's reckless behavoir had it's tail been severed in two are too horrible to imagine.

So Swinub is as good as gone in the next few weeks, or possibly hours. Despite some fleeting appearences and a debut episode, it really hasn't done anything particulary significant during that time. Some would argue that this was indeed a blessing, while others are questioning why it didn't garner the screentime that it's spiritual ancestor, Munchlax, was able to achieve.

But during those 20 or so episodes where it's literally been nothing more than a simple prop, what do you think it could have, or should have, accomplished?
'Been used more' isn't really the response I'm looking for. I'm afraid you'll have to think for this one guys :(


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Swinub who?

I think they wasted a perfect opportunity with Swinub in the last contest. While we never really had so much important episodes for Dawn since Swinub was caught they could have at least showed some training or some strength development for it.

But I think Swinub was rather affected too by the lack of Dawn centric episodes lately.

I think it was rather obvious Swinub wasn't going to stick around but at least something could have been done.
I think the writers felt they kept Aipom in its first form too long (it was an Aipom for what...like 50 episodes before it evolved?), so the writers are rushing the rest of the Johto evolutions.

Gligar didn't last long, Yanma had 1 episode (lol), and Swinub despite being around for 20 eps did nothing.

I kind of wonder if Aipom was a preview to all these Johto Pokes with new evo's, but Aipom was the one that lasted the longest. It also accomplished the most, Ash used it in two Gym battles before he traded it.


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Meh, we can officially say bye to Swinub tomorrow. After what, using a couple of attacks? wooooh...

I'm just interested in seeing Piloswine in the opening...Y'know, jumping at the cauldron while Brocks cooking...


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I kinda wish Swinub was used in the Celestic Contest, but I'm pretty sure it'll be used in the next contest as Piloswine. ^ I'm looking forward to that too! Brock cooking with Piloswine! :)


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Nothing. It was perfect. Everything was absolutely perfect. I kid you not. Keeping Dawn's Munchlax in its Pokeball ever since its debut was practically a blessing, given the nature of Dawn's Munchlax in that episode. It was cute. TOO cute. Heck, it was almost cute enough for me to ignore the blatant fact that Dawn's Munchlax was essentially attempting the same gags to pull off the same laughter-ha-ha-ha that May's Munchlax did.

So technically, Dawn's Munchlax could have accomplished much more. And by that, I mean it could have annoyed us ever-so-much more by randomly popping out of its Pokeball twice an episode, being more of an adorable eyesore than Skitty ever was. But Dawn's Munchlax didn't, and for that, we need now only hope it stays shut until it reaches the Mamoswine stage, when it can actually do...you know...cool stuff.

Of course, once it reaches that size, I may have to resort to calling it a clone of Ash's Snorlax, should it keep the hungry personality. Which was way cooler than May's Munchlax, anyways.

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Swinub was certainly...odd. I mean, I'm not upset really it's evolving before doing anything, but it's honestly one Pokemon I forgot was on the group. Atleast it seems to be doing something now that it evolved, as opposed to Yanmega, Gliscor, and Ambipom who actually kinda sat around before gaining prominence (since Gliscor definately has gotten better lately, Ambipom entered a Contest, Yanmega won a ribbon)


Not really, no.
The fact that Swinub was gotten so late into the series, combined with the other fact that it has two evolutions to go through (Aipom, Gligar, and Yanmega only had one) are probably the main reason for it's early evolution.

Still doesn't excuse it from not doing anything, though.


The fact that Swinub was gotten so late into the series, combined with the other fact that it has two evolutions to go through (Aipom, Gligar, and Yanmega only had one) are probably the main reason for it's early evolution.

Still doesn't excuse it from not doing anything, though.

yeah notta thing if you ask me. it was usless having her catch it and then having them just have it off to the side and not have it do anything untill it evolved. it seemed like they should have just had her catch a piloswine if they weren't going to have her use swinub.

i got to tell you i feel sorry for swinub since it never had any action and was just taking up space...

you notice that they only showed swinub eating a lot for that one episode when it was catch, but never again did you see it eat like that again. or really be use in battle for more then what 4 sec.

now they are going to rush the evolution of piloswine to get mamoswine and it will just be stupid if they do that, then you really know they are straped for time and wont to end the serise... but why did they make it evolve so fast it's so dumb...