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Numero Uno Articuno (412)


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Numero Uno Articuno

Finally at the Battle Factory, Ash meets with the Frontier Brain, Noland. Ash is eager to begin his Battle Frontier challenge and challenges him. However Team Rocket have their eyes set on Noland's Articuno...will they steal it and will Ash get to battle?

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Kojiro said:
There is a new Op and Ed in this episode, just so you guys know.

Manene is seen with vTR and Bonsly with Brock.

who knows, maybe they'll catch them like May did with Munchlax (Should that be spoiler tagged?). I can understand Brock having a Bonsly since it's probably a rock type, but I can't see TR with Manene for some reason


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I can't wait to see the New OP and ED pictures. Hmm, Brock with Bonsly. Does anyone remember in the current japanese opening where Munchlax is next to Brock. Same could happen, but it probably is Brocks. As for Team Rocket with Manene. Comic Relief, new Powerhouse. Who knows. Also, will it be a Pokémon belonging to one of them, or another mascott, like Meowth?


Wooldoor Sockbat's Glalie

Not that it is likely or anything, but I'm interested in figuring out what Brock's "facial expression" was about in that trailer for the episode. Also, I want to see what the deal was with Combusken, Mudkip, and Grovyle attacking side by side. It doesn't seem right to have the three lined up together like that. Marshtomp would fit the mold better.

Sorry. I know this should be discussion and not speculation.


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All I know is that Ash is very determined to duel with the Battle Frontiers. But Team Rocket doesn't know when to give up. I hope that Ash be able to beat Noland,and stop Team Rocket at the same time.


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What has been confirmed about this episode? We know that Charizard is Ash's, but do we know any details about Articuno, or how the battle factory works, or even if Ash goes there in this episode?


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ChaosMage said:
do we know any details about Articuno, or how the battle factory works

Apparently the challenger (i.e. Ash) gets to choose which of the Frontier Brain's pokemon they battle... Ash choose to battle articuno with the help of his charizard (he contacts Liza).

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you said gets to choose which of nolands pokes but what other ones does Noland have?

and why would Ash choose Articuno to fight againts?

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ShucklemasterJ said:
and why would Ash choose Articuno to fight againts?
How could he not? Ash always wants to fight the strongest opponent possible, as he knows that the experience will help him and his Pokemon become that much stronger that much faster and I suspect that is the reason here. He wouldn't be much of a future master if he shied away from a challenge.

Sounds like this episode further confirms that for the Legendary Birds at least, along with the large extremely powerful guardian birds of the Orange Islands there are less powerful, smaller ones that live lives more like ordinary Pokemon. Though I must say even accepting that that I never expected the anime to have a trainer who used a legendary Pokemon, although I suspected it was possible after the Hoso special about Moltres, where Moltres didn't get captured but didn't seem to object to the idea, willingly battling to be captured if it lost.

But Ash IS supposed to be battling people almost as strong as Elite Four members, so I do like that the anime is making them distinctively more powerful than most every gym leader.


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Yeah, Noland with an Articuno will most likely be stronger than any old GYM leader.

This could very well be preparing Ash for an eventual challenge against the Elite 4. We don't know how they're set up in the anime yet, but I suspect that we may very well find Ash facing them sometime in the future.

Beating each Brain is probably going to prepare him for it.


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Eh, I dunno about that. It would be rather difficult to incorporate any of the elites into any sort of league, especially since they really have nothing to do with the battle frontier. Though the BF would be good training for Satoshi if he ever does come up against another elite.


Yeah, ok!
The Elite's probably aren't battled in tournaments, maybe trainers get to face them only by special invites?

Given how close Scott seems to be related to the Brains as well as Agatha, it wouldn't surprise me if Scott is Ash's ticket after he beats all the Brains.

Although they'll probably stop calling them the Elite 4...given how...we've seen like 6 Elite's in the anime so far. It could be the climax before the D/P region starts, especially considering Ash's defeat in the Hoenn league and ending up in the Top 8... again.

They've been building up the fact that there are Elite's in the anime since the 1st season, it would be a shame to never see Ash take them on in "real" matches.
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I agree with cyber, The brains will be tougher then gym leaders. I expect Ash to improve alot during this arc. In my opinion he has improved alot, When he faced prima he pretty much got owned, then faced drake pikachu fell easily but i was most impressed with grovyle. Grovyle didn't even get one hit on it but still kept coming for more and was at a double disadvantage not to mention that Grovyle wasn't amazingly trained for that kind of battle and was new. Then against Agatha ash put one heck of a fight, he almost won actually getting some hits in. So he has improved alot and now charizard will take down a legendary says alot.

I got this from pokeani, my japanese is the worst and my translators are even worse then that.lol.
but it looks as if though ash and them are looking for battle factory and scott takes them in his car or something. During the night the group encounter Articuno flying around. Ash calls liza up in this episode cuz he chooses to battle articuno and wants charizard to do it. Seems as if though there are rules but are different, in the game there were rental pokemon but in the anime you choose which pokemon you want to fight. And some other stuff was said but i just couldn't crack it.

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pretty much what Flamez said was the entire episode. Also Noland found articuno with a broken wing and gained it trust thats how he has Articuno but, besides that thats pretty much it from what I have read. Also there werent any battles before Noland so you just battle with Noland one on one and thats it if you win, you win if not you lose. The battle may have gotten started at the very end not sure.