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Numero Uno Articuno (412)

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Yamato-san said:
Datsura's seiyuu is none other than Hiyama friggin Nobuyuki (Link, Balmung, Hiei, Black War Greymon, Asagi Shougo, two earlier roles in Pocket Monsters as Akira and Buson, etc.).
He was BLACKWARGREYMON? There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with that, especially since Bashou's VA was Oikawa...


~Thîrûttû R⚢âl~
Serebii said:
According to my friends who know Japanese, that is not true
yea...i read the SPP EP GUIDE...for this ep...and it is different...

i guess PKMN-SOURCE...has some info FOLLOWING THE GAME...in thoughts..


i over reacted..since that site had the EP GUIDE FIRST...and i thought they would have the same thing as you do..
After reading the summary on the site, I have decided maybe this episode won't suck after all. Scott is back in the pimp-mobile! Scott is just plain cool. The shades, the tacky shirt, the cheesy grin, the sweet pimp-mobile, this guy has it all. As to the comments about the other Brains' characters, I do think Tucker will be very campy. And Brandon will have the Regis! And Lucy will be Lucy. LUCY! MMMMMMMMM! Man I wish I could watch the episodes.


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I just finally watched this episode after being on vacation and my overall impression was that it was rather mediocre. I'm still not too keen on anyone having a legendary in the show, regardless of the curcimstances of it's capture. I'm also not too pleased with the way they've handled the battle fronteir so far in the animé. The entire point is that you get to experience a variety of different styles of battling, but in the animé it's basically just a hyped-up badge quest. :/

Really the only part of this episode I genuinely enjoyed was Enishida's driving. That was simply hilarious. That and the new openings and endings, which weren't even part of the episode itself. And Datsura was cool too, though his eyes looked too far apart most of the time. >_>


suavesky said:
it's so ufare an aurticuno
Acticuno, at least by game standards, is actually pretty crap. Limited movepool, 4x Weakness to Rock, Meh-ish stats... it gets better in XD though. (Heal Bell, Haze, etc.)


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Yeah, and this was just a random Furiizaa, so it wasn't as powerful as the one in the second movie, which had the whole legend behind it and everything. I'm willing to bet it wasn't fully mature either, it looked rather small in comparison to the others we've seen.


¿Numero Uno Articuno? ¡Ay carumba! So this is about Articuno, right? That will be learning Spanish, since Articuno is from the words "Arctic" and the Spanish word for one, which is "Uno".

Anyway, the guy DID have an Articuno, but maybe not.
Spainsh (poorly): De todas formas, el individuo tenía un Articuno, pero quizá no.

Shadow Lugia XD001

Aww...I so want to see this episode since Charizard and Articuno are in this eppy

Flame Haze SnS

I can't wait to see the battle between Charizard and Artinuno! This will be Ash's first official battle against a legendary pokemon!


little punks!
I just want the second episode to begin already. The first episode is just the somewhat boring introductory episode. Seems like they're doing away with the introductory Gym/Contest episode for most of the battle frontier though.
Ahahahahah! Brock said he'd ditched Ash and co. in a second!

4kids made a Jynx joke! James said, "Careful, don't Jynx it!" and Meowth goes, "Yeah, let's leave Jynx out of this."

Hehee, joke based on the delayed Contest eps?

V Faction

Probably more than just that, probably the whole Jynx fiasco starting from the beginning, I'd say. Tenth Anniversary and all =P

If I may say, this is turning out to be the best dubbed episode EVAR!

Gardevoir in the TC? YAY!

The Big Al

I just keeping Octo
I think they editted Munchlax to not have it incased in ice.


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I never saw Scott's debut episode, so in this episode I finally hear what Scott's voice was. And it was terrible. I don't like it. Does not fit his character. I hope the Pokemon Company gives him a better voice.


i hatez pokemonz
Pikachu said:
I never saw Scott's debut episode, so in this episode I finally hear what Scott's voice was. And it was terrible. I don't like it. Does not fit his character. I hope the Pokemon Company gives him a better voice.
Scott's voice is awesome, he sounds like a total pimp. If that doesnt suit him, I dont know what does. Anyway, the Jynx joke rocked the episode. And Noland's voice is good.


I was like "Oh Snap" when I heard the Jynx joke XD

I also liked these lines

Meowth: don't worry your pretty blue head
James: it's Laveander


I thought I was going to miss this episode, but I didn't in the end :)


I really liked this episode. I never thought that Ash called Liza, I always thought Prof.Oak. Max's face was priceless when he was riding the airplane with Noland. How can they get lost with a PokeNav? XD