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Numero Uno Articuno (412)

whenever Noland spoke all I could hear was GOKU!! @_@
Me too...Sean Schemmel isn't doing his voice, is he?T_T


Cheer up.
The wohle episode was fan-freakin'-hilarious.

It Actually Flew

and loads more. 4kids had a winner on their hands here.


Team Awesome
I'm short on time, because I'm leaving work in ten minutes, but here's my two cents on this episode.

I really enjoyed both parts of the Battle Factory. Noland was a great guest character, and I'm warming up to Scott. It was great to see Charizard again, and I liked seeing him roast Ash again. LOL :) Team Rocket was pretty good in this episode too, and I liked the comments about James's hair color.

Overall, 8/10. Articuno was pretty cool too.


Team Rocket's rockin
Nice episode. It kinda feels weird that we got into the Battle Frontier so quickly. o_O

Noland's always reminded me of Norman. Not sure why. Something about their appearance. And maybe their name has something to do with it, too.

Weird that Noland practically owns a legendary Pokemon. Dats agenst duh roolz!!11 Heh.

...seriously, though. Ash's Charizard must really be proud, since it actually defeats a legendary Pokemon in the next episode.

BTW, as if Ash would choose a Rhyhorn to battle. Way too random. Anyway, I do wish the Battle Factory was more like in the games; both Noland and Ash should have chosen rental Pokemon to battle eachother with.


Ryano Ra

Verdant Vitality
*claps hand gracefully* RAH RAH RAH HAR HAR AHR!

*coughcough* Yes, this was a good episode. Although I do believe that they really jumped into the Battle Factory episodes a bit too fast, perhaps the next challenge (the Battle Arena, stated in the next episode) will take quite a long ways to get to. There's no other apparent reason as to why they rushed the two episodes in. I was very astonished when I saw Noland's crew; Venusaur and Breloom and Rhydon were looking very powerful, and although Ash challenged his wild Articuno, if he did not, I wished that he would have chosen Venusaur to battle against, or maybe Golduck or Pinsir to see what kind of secret powers they would have possessed.


That was a really good episode, but wasn't Ash supposed to choose from rental pokemon like in the game? And yes, the Battle Frontier series is going to kick @#O!!


Scotts funny. He's not really that much of a stalker in the game though.


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Good episode Articuno is definitely very elegant, Noland is my favorite of all the Frontier Brains.


Your Big Buff Bro
I just laughted at Scott when he drove the gang to the Battle Factory. Not the best driver. :p

Noland was pretty darn awesome in his first episode. Articuno as well, and it's so beautiful.

I never stop enjoying the fact that Charizard burns Ash to show his love. Aww... :)