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Numero Uno Articuno (412)


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This is the wrong season!
Some episodes of Ash and his friends traveling in Kanto for the BF and contests was in SEason 8. I believe it was up to Pasta La Vista!

Anyways, this episode was great. Just shows Charizard's strengths and that it can beat a Legendary on its own! (Aside from Ash commanding it)


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Epic battle. Articuno vs Charizard.
I don't know if charizard HAD to learn overheat to win but, meh.


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I always seem to get teary when Charizaed returns. This episode is awesome overall.
This is the first time a tranier having a rare pokemon


So we finally arrived at the Battle Factory eh? It looked really cool in the anime, cooler than it does in the games! Ash and his friends met Factory Head Noland, the first Frontier Brain thanks to Scott's crazy driving haha. I loved that Articuno fought alongside Noland in most of their battles despite Noland not having captured Articuno. I think the best part of this episode was seeing Charizard return to Ash for this battle. 9/10.
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Great episode, Articuno was amazing.
And i loved to see Charizard again...
A brilliant first Frontier episode, that sets the bar high for poké appearances for the rest of the season! I love the one-liners that came out, including Jynx-joke, James pleading his hair is lavender, and Scott's 'I haven't driven that slowly since I was with my grandma!'
I was however, a little annoyed at Brock's momentary lapse of loyalty when meeting Nurse Joy. 'Ditch these kids...' Tut, tut.
Charizard. Yes.


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One thing I'll admit is that I miss Meowth's terrible Giovanni fantasies. Maybe it's because it's almost time for him to die.


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This episode was ok. It was great to find out how Noland befriended Articuno. I'm glad Articuno is still considered free, and that Noland didn't capture it. Man, Scott is really a crazy driver! Charizard was definitely the best choice for the big battle against Articuno.

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Noland was an interesting Frontier brain I suppose. Still, I would've preferred to see another Pokemon fight Articuno rather than Charizard.
Neat to see someone like a Frontier Brain have a legendary Pokemon, even if they don't actually own it themselves.
Awesome to see Charizard come back to help Ash win his first Frontier symbol.


I liked the night scene where Ash and friends first saw Articuno and Noland's plane flying by, but Meowth's boss fantasy had me screaming; what's with Meowth's fascination with Giovanni being semi-nude? Anyway, Noland was totes adorable in my opinion and seeing him flying his plane with Max on board was fun. I also liked all his well-trained Pokemon.
Pretty interesting episode imo, I loved that we got to see Articuno in this episode and with Charizard returning near the end of the episode really hyped me up for the battle that came afterwards. 10/10

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I had liked this episode even though I watched it a long time ago. It was really interesting when Ash used Charizard against Noland's Articuno.


Excited to see Zard go against Articuno. this is gonna be a helluva match.
Edit: almost died when Brock tried to ditch Ash and Co. for Nurse Joy.
My favorite lines of the episode:
Meowth: Don't worry your pretty blue head. I have a plan.
James: It's Lavender!"
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