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Nuzlocke Adventure


Ok, well last night i remembered that my step-brother wasn't playing his copy of Diamond so i figured i may as well do another Nuzlocke Challenge (will be about my 3rd one) even though i hate Sinnoh. Anyways, on Smogon in the Nuzlocke thread, others write semi fan fics on their adventures so i figured i may as well too. For those that don't know, these are the rules i will be following (there are others too):

*If a Pokemon faints, it is dead. It must be put in my box and never used again.
*You may only capture the first Pokemon you see on each route, town, cave and if you fail to capture it, too bad, you can't capture a Pokemon from that route.
*Exceptions are made for Legend Pokemon and shinies, which may be caught for feeling special purposes.
*All Pokemon caught must be nicknamed.

Anyways, I'm not making this an extremely serious fan fiction so i don't want comments about puntuation and such, as i haven't even proof read my first chapter yet. I'm also aware that the chapters won't be that long, but they are still over one word document page long.

Chapter 1: Professor?

Chapter 1: Professor Pedo?

The young boy awoke quickly to the sound of stones hitting his bedroom window. He slumped up into a sitting position, his eyes barely open in the pitch black room. As the stones continued to volley against his window, he persuaded his body to wake up, pulling himself out of his bed, a sacred haven to him for half of the day.

He walked over to the window, his light blue t-shirt and dotted boxers the only clothing he wore to bed. As he neared the window, he heard a faint hiss and a boy’s voice, “Link, quickly, get outside”. This wasn’t going to be good. Albert probably wanted him to do something stupid again like when he managed to convince Link into putting their neighbor’s Shinx into a cardboard box for 48 hours…

5 minutes later Link was padding down the stairs in his brown Bidoof fur slippers, his footsteps barely making a sound. As he neared the down he could see the face of Albert glaring in through the window next to the door, probably wondering what took him so long…

A dull look was present on his face as Link unlocked the sliding door. “I’m not gonna ask, Link, but lets just go” Albert said, his blond hair catching in the midnight wind as he turned to leave, expecting Link to follow.

“Al, wait” he said, wanting an answer before he left with Albert again. He’d already snuck out at night 3 times this week.

Albert turned on the balls of his feet, his blue eyes meeting Link’s chocolate brown eyes, “Isn’t it obvious?” he asked, a puzzled expression on his face, expecting Link to know the answer… as usual. “You watched the Twinleaf news didn’t you?” he asked.

‘Ah, he should have known’ Link thought to himself. “Let me guess, the big search in Lake Verity for Sue” he said, his knowledge of Albert’s mind high enough to guess correctly.

A huge grin spread across Albert’s face, bigger than a Munchlax with a big of chips; “Ya know what Link; you know me too well…” He turned back around and continued walking. “I’ll fine you $1,000,000 if you’re late” he said as he walked away.

‘Hmm…. Sue, the ‘shiny’ Seaking, nicknamed Sue because of her green tinge which looks a lot like sewage. Why does Al always think he can find things like this…? I know it’s important to have determination, but sometimes he just has too much…’ Link was almost at the entrance to Lake Verity from route 201, a route he had traveled along far too often for not even having his own Pokemon… ‘Some day’ he though, ‘some day I’ll get a Pokemon’

He reached the tree line; a gap about two cars wide has been cut out of the trees to create a passage to the Lake, a common camping ground during holidays. He walked past the sign that had been hammered into the ground, ‘Lake Verity Ahead, The Lake of Emotions’. He proceeded through, spotting Albert’s light, blond, curly hair, a dead giveaway to his presence.

As he spotting Link, he quickly put a finger to his lips, a signal for silence. He directed his eyes to the waters edge, wanting Link to observe the two figures standing there. He could make our the words they were saying, however it looked like a strange duo, a old man, dressed in a white coat with tall white hair, and a young girl, about Link’s age, but with a lot more significance, such as long blue hair, and a white beanie. ‘Blue hair?’ he thought to himself as he crept over to join Albert hiding behind a tree.

“Oi Link, I think that old guy might be a pedo, look how young that girl is…but I still don’t see what they would be doing here…” he began to think…

‘Could be a long process’ Link though to himself…

Albert’s eyes snapped to the left as he heard the faint sound of rustling grass, “Link!” he hissed, and gestured towards the bush he was diving into. Link followed at half the speed, worried his backless slippers would fall off.

From their hiding spot, they watched the entrance to the lake until the man and girl left, the girl carrying a notepad and pen, the old man with a small contraption. “I had a feeling it would be here” said the old man as they both paused at the gap of trees, still within Albert and Link’s sight.

“Well Professor, you’re still getting used to the environment again, it’s been four years since you’ve been in Sinnoh, and it can be a strange place at times” the girl said, trying to reassure the Professor.

Behind Link, Albert’s eyes went wide, “Woah, a Pokemon Professor, probably Professor Rowan” he gazed out at him admiringly.

Once the coast was clear, they left their hiding spot, continuing their original purpose of going there. It was a cloudless night, a good time to try and spot the Seaking in the lake as the moon was full and clearly illuminated the lake with a thin, soft light.

“Hey Link! Look over here,” yelled Albert from beside the lake and a patch of bright green grass, “I think that Professor left his briefcase behind.”

A puzzled expression tore across Link’s face, ‘Why would a smart Professor forget a briefcase?’ He continued walking over to Albert who was waiting at the side of the grass, looking around for signs of wild Pokemon.

“Ok,” he started, taking a few steps into the grass towards the briefcase, “Link, come on”

He wasn’t sure, he stood at the edge of the grass line as Albert had done so a few seconds ago, and then followed him in, his eyes cautiously searching the area.

Will continue writing this if i get at least one half decent comment.
Edit: Just found it needs to be two pages in microsoft word, not 1, so will re-edit this post in half an hour.
Edit2: Ok, its all good now
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