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Nuzlocke Challenge

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Zorg, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. The Head Honchkrow

    The Head Honchkrow As the crow flies...

    Well, after failing at the Diamond Nuzlocke challenge a while back, I've returned to have a shot at it again in HG:

    * Named myself Leon and chose Totodile, who I dubbed "Trevor".
    * Beat my rival, Mathias, and got the Pokeballs from Lyra.
    * I'm now waiting for night to fall so all the good Pokemon will come out.

    Additional rules:
    1) Battle style = Set.
    2) Not allowed to buy anything other than Pokeballs.

    Current team:
    ;158; Trevor Lv. 6



    ~The Head Honchkrow~
    P.S. There is a theme behind my nicknames. Can you guess what it is?
  2. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    My siblings are currently playing through my Sapphire and LG games (I'm not restarting my 4th Gen. games for a while) so I won't be able to start the challenge until they are done.

    But I've got a few questions that I'd like to ask so that I can be thinking before I start the challenge.

    1) Concerning fossils: Are you allowed to "revive" them and add the pokemon to your team? If so, would it need to be the first pokemon you "encounter" in the city or in the area it is found?

    2) This might be a dumb question but here goes: are you allowed to us tms on your pokemon or do they count as items? You obviously need to use hms to get through the games, but are you allowed to use tms to make your guys "stronger"? A side note to hms: are you allowed to catch an hm slave to keep in your party (never to use in a battle) or is that illegal?

    Just asking to see what options I have which would affect strategies. I in no way want to break any rules so I figured it'd be best to ask. =/
    Last edited: Sep 11, 2010
  3. Flyers108

    Flyers108 Il Gran Negoziante

    I would like to do this challenge. It doesn't sound that hard to me though because I don't switch up my team a lot and I have only ever lost to one gym leader (Whitney in original Gold). There's also a very strong possibly that I use way more Potions and such than I remember. I wish I had a fresh game to do this with though.
  4. hitoshura0

    hitoshura0 Well-Known Member

    1) The rules are sketchy, but I think most use the area revived/ area egg obtained for those types of deals. So for Platinum, you get the fossil as your Oreburgh City guy and the Togepi egg will be in Eterna City.

    2) There are only 2 cardinal rules of Nuzlocke: Faint=Death and first pokemon of a route/area is the only you can catch and a mandatory nickname. The item clauses are optional, and up to you. If you want to use a boatload of items, save revives, go for it. I hold myself to can't heal inside battle, but everything is fair game. So I TM the hell out of my team. And some of those guys need it. Raticate gets even more awesome with a good physical moveset.
  5. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    hey all it have been some time I think I might do this again but then on ss
  6. Exodd

    Exodd Well-Known Member

    Started a challenge in Ruby version. Only allowing picked up or gift items.

    My current team on there is:
    ;259; Finn - Lv. 19
    ;293; SoundWave - Lv. 14
    ;041; Bats - Lv. 9

    Have a question, though. Can shiny Pokemon be caught during the challenge if they are extra but not used?
  7. Tyrannotaur

    Tyrannotaur Tyranitar Trainer

    Hey good luck man. As for your question, it depends on your rules. My rules for example say I can capture a shiny if I see it after the first pokemon on the route, but no other pokemon can be captured after the first pokemon I see.

    Speaking of witch I added a stipulation that gives me a mulligan when I see a bidoof first. Tired of them. -;248;
  8. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    So it turns out that my younger brother isn't using his Ruby so he's letting me restart it for the challenge.

    Rules: No items except for the pokeballs you recieve and tms. Battle Style=Set. To avoid grinding too much, I'm not allowed to train anyone higher than the gym leaders best (before entering the gym).

    An exception to the rules is that I'm allowed to catch a shiny if it shows up (since I've had rotten luck finding shinies in these games and it would royally suck if I wasn't allowed to catch it). Obviously, I am not allowed to use the shiny on my team and it'll sit in a box.

    -Our hero "Pikawho" started off with Torcher the Torchic.
    -After beating Brendan and getting the pokeballs, Route 102 was calling me. That's where I found Hermie, the Wurmple. After training it a bit (to like level 4) I challenged Youngster Calvin. After a long battle of weakening it while it tailwhipped and growled, Zigzagoon one-shotted Hermie with tackle.
    -Gullipper (Wingull) (stupid names ftw!) was the next to join the clan.
    -In Petalburg woods, Mr.Wiggles (Wurmple) was captured to replace his dead friend. Getting this guy almost sucked because he used poison sting on Gullipper. Fortunately, he wasn't poisoned, but my heart still started pounding. However, he was not one-shotted and evolved into Cascoon.

    Current Position: Middle of Petalburg Woods (just beat the Magma guy).

    Current Team:

    Torcher (Torchic): Level 11
    Gullipper (Wingull): Level 8
    Mr.Wiggles(Cascoon): Level 7

    Benched Pokemon: None

    Dead Comrades:

    Hermie (Wurmple): Level 4

    Next update will come after I face Watson and/or if I fail the challenge.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2010
  9. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    so I started this on my soul silver I chose totodile named him MR AQUA I did the whole egg thing catched a sentret and catched a weedle now training both

    I have the same rules as last time
  10. WynautQueen

    WynautQueen Pokemon Caretaker

    Right! Let's do this!

    I decided doing Nuzlocke on my Japanese HeartGold might be a bit much, so I'm retracting and doing Fire Red. I'm just inside Mount Moon at the moment, so here's my team. See if you can pick out my name theme:

    Bulbasaur (JUNGLEHUNT)
    Mankey (DONKEYKONG)
    Rattata (ET)
    Butterfree (AIR WORLD)
    Jigglypuff (PACMAN)
    Geodude (MTN KING)

    Pidgey (PITFALL)

    I liked that Pidgey, but I can catch another one later. I'm thinking of calling it JOUST.


    Second day update. I lost AIR WORLD in Mt. Moon, unfortunately, but took my time after getting a Helix Fossil. I unfortunately lost MTN KING to ****s (rival, heh), caught a few new Pokemon and grinded just enough to take on Misty, who ended up going down easily even though I was underleveled. PACMAN annihilated Staryu with Mega Punch, and I brought in JUNGLEHUNT against Starmie. No problem. I moved on south to Vermilion, caught a few new Pokemon, including ones to replace the ones I'd lost. I switched out a few to Pokemon I decided I'd rather use for the time being, and am currently leveling up a bit before I board the St. Anne.

    Pidgey (PITFALL) Level 16 (replaces original)
    Meowth (DOLPHIN) Level 14
    Ivysaur (JUNGLEHUNT) Level 19
    Jigglypuff (PACMAN) Level 18
    Butterfree (AIR WORLD) Level 15 (replaces original)
    Mankey (DONKEYKONG) Level 17

    Oddish (MISSILECMD) Level 14
    Spearow (QBERT) Level 16
    Rattata (ET) Level 16

    Pidgey (PITFALL) Level 10
    Butterfree (AIR WORLD) Level 12
    Geodude (MTN KING) Level 16

    And now, I ought to post my personal rules:
    - Only catch the first Pokemon in every new location.
    - I am allowed to catch the same species of a Pokemon that was defeated earlier in the challenge, if it's the first I see in a route, but not required if I want to train something else.
    - I am allowed to use and buy any items except revives freely.

    My own house rule:
    - I can only use revives that I find, as if they were rare items.
    - I cannot use a revive retroactively to bring back into play a Pokemon that I previously boxed when I didn't have a revive. It must be in my party when I have the revive.

    I know this breaks a major rule of Nuzlocke, but in my previous attempt I got so frustrated that I gave up. This way I'm allowing myself just a bit of slack, and adding the strategy of deciding when to use that rare Revive. Yeah, you can decide that if I get through this challenge, it doesn't count because of this, if you want. It's all for fun anyway. :p

    Pokemon that have had found revives used on them:
    PACMAN (1)
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2010
  11. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    Rules: No items except for the pokeballs you recieve, key items, and tms (that's right: no rare candies). Battle Style=Set.

    An exception to the rules is that I'm allowed to catch a shiny if it shows up (since I've had rotten luck finding shinies in these games and it would royally suck if I wasn't allowed to catch it). Obviously, I am not allowed to use the shiny on my team and it'll sit in a box.

    Noteworthy events: Criticalled a Zigzagoon (want one just so that he can pick up stuff) and Whismur in the routes before and after Rustboro. Caught a Whismur in the cave, named Obnoxious. Raised my guys to level 14, then had Gulliper spam water gun against Roxanne. Caught Edward the Zubat in Granite cave. Skipped battling Brawly until after I dealt with team Magma. Picked up KingofTown the Gulpin along the way, but boxed him. Went past Mauville to catch Ms.Missy the Illumise.

    After grinding Ms.Missy, I went and destroyed Brawly with Mr.Wiggles (now a Dustox. Then, on my way back to Mauville, I realized that I didn't battle the fisherman. So I send out Ms.Missy. KOs the first pokemon, but then was oneshotted by a rollout using Wailmer....And I really liked her too...Obnoxious goes out to get revenge for his dead friend. But gets poisoned by a Tentacool. With 8hp remaining, there was no hope for him to survive. He died with the pokemon center in sight....

    My team down to four, I needed to call upon the powers of KingofTown. Once he learned Sludge, he was unstoppable. Not wanting to take chances, I trained Torcher to level 28 before I took on Watson. Everyone else would've been oneshotted so he was my only hope. He pulled through (almost losing to Magneton but got a critical hit with double kick).

    Current Position: Base of the mountain. Caught Lumpy the Numel, who will be grinded before I continue.

    Current Team:

    Torcher ;256;: Level 28
    Gulliper ;278;: Level 22
    Mr.Wiggles ;269;: Level 22
    Edward ;042;: Level 22
    KingofTown ;316;: Level 22
    Lumpy ;322;: Level 14

    Benched Pokemon: None

    Dead Comrades:

    Hermie ;265;: Level 4
    Ms.Missy ;314;: Level 18
    Obnoxious ;293;: Level 18

    Next update will come after I face Winona or if I die before then....

    Edit: Glory points to whoever knows why Gulpin has that name. No one else has a direct reference.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
  12. WynautQueen

    WynautQueen Pokemon Caretaker

    King of Town! Homestar Runner reference, of course. :)

    My update shortly. I'm hanging out in the St. Anne, doing some leveling.

    EDIT: Who wants an update? That's right, you want an update!

    St. Anne was a breeze, and D***s ran away crying at the power of my lovingly raised warriors. PACMAN, PITFALL and DONKEYKONG were the stars, honestly. Now it's time to review my team and decide what I want to do for the Vermilion Gym.

    MY TEAM:
    Jigglypuff (PACMAN) Level 21
    Meowth (DOLPHIN) Level 20
    Pidgeotto (PITFALL) Level 21
    Ivysaur (JUNGLEHUNT) Level 20
    Mankey (DONKEYKONG) Level 21
    Butterfree (AIR WORLD) Level 20

    Diglett (DIGDUG)
    Oddish (MISSLECMD)
    Spearow (QBERT)
    Rattata (ET)
    Majikarp (RIVER RAID)
    Drowzee (ASTEROIDS)

    Geodude (MTN KING)
    Butterfree (AIR WORLD)
    Pidgey (PITFALL)
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
  13. Saiki

    Saiki Member

    Decided to try a Nuzlocke run on my copy of Ruby. I'm not really all that far yet.

    Other rules for me:
    --- No rare candies or legendary Pokémon may be used.
    --- Items may not be used in battle.

    Started out with a Mudkip named Hamlet. I squished Brendan's Treecko like a bug, then went and caught a female Poochyena and named her Bellatrix.

    Current Party:
    --- Hamlet - Mudkip - Male - lv. 12
    --- Bellatrix - Poochyena - Female - lv. 8

    Boxed Pokémon:
    --- None

    Dead Pokémon:
    --- None
  14. Pansy :]

    Pansy :] anustart

    this sounds sweet! i'm gonna do this as soon as i get my FireRed game back from my brother!!!
    Note: might break the rules a bit if a shiny comes up... but i would only use him after the elite four... would this be ok?
  15. ShiningRobert

    ShiningRobert Active Member

    What about pokemon trades since I do a lot about that coudnt find rules on trading
    Edit: what happens if yor first pokemon dies
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
  16. Well, it would depend on your personal rules, I suppose, but really, it just takes the fun out of it to trade Pokemon over.

    If your first Pokemon faints, I hope you have more with you. :V But if its the only one you have, and there's none in your PC, well, you've lost.
  17. ShiningRobert

    ShiningRobert Active Member

    Yea was just wondering about the trading part going to try the challenge when I get HeartGold or SoulSilver since all the rest if my games I have put to much work in them to start a new game
  18. Pokémancer

    Pokémancer Pokabu Trainer-to-be

    No one's been on here in a couple weeks? Am I Necro-threading? Hope not... I want in on this! I'll be starting something up this weekend, probably with Platinum.

    Could I get a definition for "Grinding Too Much?" :p - I already have an idea for one of the Chapters about Grinding...

    I plan on going with a modified Shiny Rule - Shiny Pokemon may be captured at any point, but must replace the Pokémon captured on the same Route if possible, or any Pokémon of your choice if none was caught from the same Route. The replaced Pokémon must be released (or put into a box titled - RELEASED or somesuch).

    I know Shinies are rare - boy do I understand that (lotta backstory here, but I had 4 Shinies in my original Emerald game: Mightyena, 2 Beautifly's from the same route with the same Nature and a Magneton; then lost my DS and my Emerald and my Pearl. :( Just caught a Shiny Spheal in my new Emerald, though! First Shiny aside from the Gyarados in SoulSilver since my loss.)

    One more thought: Fossils... Should you have to revive the first one you find or can you choose one?
    Last edited: Oct 2, 2010
  19. Pikawho?

    Pikawho? (five15)

    Rules: No items except for the pokeballs you recieve, key items, and tms (that's right: no rare candies). Battle Style=Set.

    An exception to the rules is that I'm allowed to catch a shiny if it shows up (since I've had rotten luck finding shinies in these games and it would royally suck if I wasn't allowed to catch it). Obviously, I am not allowed to use the shiny on my team and it'll sit in a box.

    Events of interest: Caught Campbell (Numel) as a back-up for Lumpy. Luckily ran into Jacob the Zangoose. Trained him up to level 28 then swords danced a few time and swept Flannery. Went to the desert to get the fossil (counting Anorith as the pokemon in Rustboro) and caught Buttchomp, the Trapinch along the way. Destroyed Norman with Protect using Mr.Wiggles and Gulliper (credit to the Nuzlocke comics for the idea). Picked up Weatherman the Castform and grinded him, hoping to sweep Winona with him. Changed my mind and had him as back-up. Barely hung on from Altaria's EQ to one-shot it with an ice-typed weatherball. Made it to Mossdeep. Feeling like it might be worth using the super rod there, I went fishing. Landed a Sharpedo (named Jaws).

    Deaths: Lumpy, level 26, was being grinded in the jagged pass. Oneshotted by a level 18 numel who criticalled on a magnitude 12 (I laughed about it for awhile...). Hellbringr, level 22, one shotted by karate chop after being hit by two leers from a Machop. Shame. I really wanted Armaldo to be on my team...>.>

    Cleptoman2: I really only got him cause I could (so that he could pick up ultraballs and whatnot) so I didn't plan on using him. Sent him into a magnitude 8 from Campbell during a double battle (to keep Edward from taking another spark from Magneton).

    Current Location: Outside Shoal Cave.

    Plan for defeating Tate and Liza: Get Zangoose and Jaws to level 45 then Shadowball and Crunch Lunatone and Solrock to death. If I'm lucky, they won't die and I'll have them for Phoebe....

    Current Team:

    Torcher ;257;: Level 37
    Gulliper ;279;: Level 38
    Jacob ;335;: Level 39
    Edward ;169;: Level 38
    KingofTown ;317;: Level 38
    Jaws ;319;: Level 38

    Benched Pokemon:

    Campbell ;323;: Level 36
    Weatherman ;351;: Level 33
    Mr.Wiggles ;269;: Level 33
    Cleptoman ;263;: Level 24
    Skullking ;355;: Level 28
    Trippy ;327;: Level 21
    Waterboy ;130;: Level 20
    Buttkicka ;066;: Level 21
    Buttchomp ;328;: Level 20
    Ellis ;231;: Level 27

    Dead Comrades:

    Hermie ;265;: Level 4
    Ms.Missy ;314;: Level 18
    Obnoxious ;293;: Level 18
    Lumpy ;322;: Level 26
    Hellbringr ;347;: Level 22
    Cleptoman2 ;264;: Level 27

    Been really slow doing the challenge due to school, but it's going alright.

    Next update will be to announce my team before facing the e4 then I'll edit that post with the result.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2010
  20. Moneyy

    Moneyy INACTIVE

    I'll probably try this on SS, but it sounds really hard.
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