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Nuzlocke Challenge

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7 tyranitars

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-catched a Gastly called it Haunted
-got a pokeflute
-got tm Psychic taught it to Haunted
-Haunted evolved into a Haunter
-defeated the 4th gym
-trained at the cycling route and the sillent bridge routes
-got a snorlax called it sleepy time
-got a venonat called it scope
-got a hitmonchan called it hit-chan
-gave myself a special rule for in the safari zone because it is hard to catch pokemons, I allowed myself to catch 1 pokemon in each area
-catched a paras called him Mush
-catched a exeggcute called it eggsie
-catched a doduo called it dodo
-Crushed the 5th gym
-entered silph scope

;009; Toto the Blastoise level 41
-Water Pulse
-Rapid Spin

;093; Haunted the Haunter level 38
-Confuse Ray
-Shadow Punch

;136; Firaga the Flareon level 40
-Fire Spin
-Quick Attack

;026; Light the Raichu level 37
-Mega Kick
-Brick Break
-Thunder wave

;034; Nibbler the Nidoking level 37
-Double Kick
-Shock Wave

;019; ratta 1
;019; ratta 2
;011; mystwind
;041; Noicy
;021; Wingman
;096; Dreamer
;046; Mush
;102; Eggsie
;084; Dodo
;048; Scope
;143; Sleepytime
;107; Hit-chan

Fallen *russian accent* comrads:
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Hey im doin leafgreen. Theres a new rule im setting to make it harder. ALL MALE POKES UNLESS IMPOSSIBLE. that means unless its female only pokemon. Attract will murder, and i will die looking for mostly female pokes ;). Im followin chuggaaconroy on youtube. (he did fire red)
There will be detailed descriptions with rival battles, gyms, elite fours, and other important junk.

-Started as red. Rivel is blue. (i wanted female b/c she's cute, but i would be made fun of.
-picked...bulbasaur-male/serious(neutral) (Bulbapedia) cause i liek meh sleep powder.
-Rival time!
Charmander used scratch
Bulbapedia used tackle

Bulbapedia used tackle (im faster o.o)
Charmander used growl.

Bulbapedia used tackle
Critical hit.
Nice first impression.

-Delivered parcel. Will come back for pokes when i get pokeballs
-get pokedex, pokeballs, and map
-First route uneventful D:
-caught mankey male-docile (whats with all the neutrals?) (pork chops)
-Level grinding to lvl 10 for everyone
-Second battle with rival:
I send out Pork Chop
Blue sends out pidgey

Pork Chop uses scratch
Pidgey used tackle
Repeat 2 more times

Pidgey fainted

Pork Chop VS Charmander

Pork Chop used low kick
Charmander used scratch

Pork Chop used scratch
Charmander used scratch

I was rlly scared. But i misclick and went for a scratch. Seeing how much the others did, it was bye bye pork chop. But...

Pork Chop used scratch
-Entered Viridian forest...

Will be back :D


Panda Power
so, after a long wait i continued my game with training oddish on the route to bill. i then went and used oddish/gloom to wipe out all of misty's gym. With New Gloom in hand, me and my team went and caught us a meowth near the daycare center, name Kattz. Then we Battled our way to vermillion where i traded Trade the spearow for Farfetch'd. On Route 11 another spearow was found, and i caught a Diglett named DigDug in Dilglett's cave. After Battling some trainers on Route 11 and getting all my team to lvl 22 i headed to the SS. Anne. Here is where Onion got to lvl 25, while everyone else save for Inferno got to lvl 23. After my easy rival battle with Gary, where Digdug OHKO'd Kadabra with dig and Onion was constintly flinching to wartortle, i got cut and watched the Anne sail away.

next time i will take on gym 3, Surge central, hope to continue my no death streak.

;005; Inferno lvl 22
;017; Kazooie lvl 23
;056; Klungo lvl 23
;044; Onion lvl 25
;050; Digdug lvl 23

;010; Gooball lvl 3
;032; Nightkin lvl 6
;041; Zulu lvl 9
;052; Kattz lvl 10
;021; Squeek lvl 15
;083; CH'DING lvl 8
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After a long time playing Emerald alot of things happened:

In Norman gym I losed 4 teammates D:
Got Zap the magnemite and Lila the Zigzagoon
Grinding time
Zap,Kips and Lila evolved
Got Ice Beam to defeat Wiwona
Got a rule that you can catch as many pokemons as you like at the Safary Zone that way got several reserves and Hero the Heracross
Got a Volt Tackle Pichu nicknamed Volt
Soloed Team Magma with Hero and Kips
Soloed Team Aqua with Hero
Grinded to defeat Tate and Liza
Soloed Team Aqua AGAIN with Hero
Made Rayquaza appear
Defeated Juan
Grinding to beat the Elite Four


;214;Hero Lv39
-Take Down
-Rock Smash
-Brick Break

;277;Swelly Lv38
-Aerial Ace
-Double Team
-Quick Attack

;264;Lila Lv37
-Sand Attack

;082;Zap Lv42
-Thunder Wave

;025;Volt Lv37
-Thunder Wave
-Volt Tackle

;260;Kips Lv41
-Mud Shot
-Ice Beam


Bunch of Pokemon


;266;Beautymoth:Killed by a Whismur
;293;OutAndLoud:KOed by a trainer Volbeat
;064;Yay!!!:Killed by a Wigglypuff Double Edge
;324;Smoketoise:By some reason Protect didn´t work after the leppa berry :/
;343;Spin Spin:I was sad when he died by Norman Linoone :(
;271;Fiesta: Died to save Smoketoise
;345;Plantina: Died by dammit 4X Zangoose

Franz Nerdlinger

Bored Person
Well, I guess I could've found this thread earlier to share the fun with you guys, but I've been working on a comic that I'll draw up soon that'll catch everyone up to speed. Right now, I'm doing some grinding before I battle Tate and Liza, and I've had a very successful run so far. If anyone wants further details about my challenge, or the comic... well, ask, I guess. XD

I'm only following the most basic rules, because I'm not THAT hardcore. Also, this is a run of Sapphire, because I forgot to mention that. ^^;

My current team:

;254; Yuka the Sceptile, Lv 39
Lonely Nature
@ Miracle Seed
- Fury Cutter - Pursuit - Leaf Blade - Quick Attack

;334; Puff the Altaria, Lv 38
Hardy Nature
@ Amulet Coin
- Fly - Ice Beam - Flamethrower - Dragonbreath

;073; Elise the Tentacruel, Lv 38
Rash Nature
@ Mystic Water
- Acid - Ice Beam - Barrier - Surf

;282; Tarp the Gardevoir, Lv 39
Rash Nature
- Psychic - Calm Mind - Flash - Shock Wave
*Fun fact: Has survived a Selfdestruct from an Electrode. O:

;311; Pepper the Plusle, Lv 39
Modest Nature
- Thunder - Thunder Wave - Fake Tears - Quick Attack

;067; Fisty the Machoke, Lv 38
Naive Nature
- Low Kick - Rock Smash - Strength - Vital Throw
*Fun fact: Has survived a Selfdestruct from a Koffing. O:

On Reserve:
Several pokemon. Probably too many to name. XD (Read: lazy)

Dearly departed:
;296; Chongo the Makuhita, Lv 9-22
Careful Nature
*Was defeated by Wattson's Magneton by a max damage Shockwave*

;322; Bumble the Numel, Lv 16-24
Bashful Nature
*Was defeated by a Collector's Zangoose, when it used Slash and got a Critical Hit*

;184; Maria the Azumarill, Lv 13-28
Impish Nature
*Was defeated by Norman's Slaking when he got max damage using Facade. Maria had been sent out as a "safe switch" after attempting to use Tarp, and then remembering that Tarp has Trace as an ability. This occurred shortly after Maria swept Flannery with a single Rollout combo*

;309; Ricky the Electrike, Lv 24
Rash Nature
*Was defeated by a wild Tentacool while attempting to level grind something with better coverage to replace Pepper*

;081; Kleeborp the Magnemite, Lv 25-26
No sex
Impish Nature
*Was defeated by a Gyarados by having just under 40 HP and being hit by a Dragon Rage. Like Ricky, Kleeborp was also undergoing level grinding to potentially replace Pepper*
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I'm doing the nuzlocke run on Pearl.
*can buy items except revives
*debating whether to use found revives

Toby ;391;
Lv. 27

Angela ;169;
Lv. 28

Dwight ;426;
Lv. 28

Andy ;404;
Lv. 25

Jo ;130;
Lv. 26

Oscar ;406;
Lv. 12

I have too many flying types as you can see (I already put my staravia away in the daycare) so I'm probably going to box Dwight and replace him with either a barboach or shellos depending if I get lucky. I also tend to dump Oscar if I can find a wild Roselia. Why do they have to make Budew so hard to evolve?
Does anyone else have trouble with bidoof? Right above Valley Windworks: hoping for shellos or buizle, I find a BIDOOF. East of Eterna city: hoping for meditite, I find a BIDOOF. I now hate their derpish faces even more.


I gave up on LG b/c i didnt play for a while, so I might start one in plat
Let me see...


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Nuzlocke run on Fire Red

Currently in Cinnabar
Current Team:
Venasaur (Tarantino) lvl 51
Golduck (Proteus) lvl 50
Hitmonlee (Methuselah) lvl 48
Butterfree (Dust) lvl 50
Pidgeot (Zephyrus) lvl 44
Snorlax (Polyphemus) lvl 45

Vaporeon (Thaddeus) [WHY?!?! ...I'm still not over this...] lvl 25-45
Taken down by Sabrina's Alakazam's crit Psychic
Jigglypuff (Libra)
Taken down in her first battle by a Spearow
Mankey (Mako)
Taken down by the kid w/ the Raticate north of Vermillion
Lapras (Andromeda)
Taken down during training to be Thaddeus' replacement


^^ I think it's pretty freakin awesome that your Buterfree hasn't fainted yet. Congratulations. And it TOTALLY sucks that your Vaporeon AND Lapras both fainted...


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Um...it was mentioned that someone was debating whether or not to use found revives...that is NOT allowed. Fainted Pokemon are DEAD.
And I'm doing this right now on Platinum.
I was wondering though, is it lame to use legendaries? I mean, I saw someone use Zapdos on Yellow, so I thought it might be okay if I used Giratina from the distortion world.
But I'm not sure.
Right now I'm nearing the Pokemon League, and if I can't use Gira, I'll have to get something else real quick.
I've got all my deaths posted somewhere else, if you're interested.
I didn't make a comic, but I'll probably do one for another Nuzlocke for a different game.
I'm going to start a run on Ruby, but I have a few questions. What's the verdict on multifloor caves (Example: Granite Cave) or split routes (Example: Route 104)? I'm not sure if I would be able to catch one pokemon per half, or if I should only catch one pokemon for that cave or route. Also, I'm curious about underwater routes. Should they count as separate from the routes above them? My only rule besides the main ones is going to be a limited species clause, where I'm allowed to search again if that particular pokemon is either in my party or the pc. Dead doesn't count. Also, pokemon from the same evolution line don't count either, so if I have a Linoone, a Zigzagoon would be my pokemon for that route. I will update with more info later.
EDIT: Would a poison clause, where if I catch a poisoned pokemon and it faints on the way to the pokemon center, I'm allowed to heal it just that once be unfair?
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So am I missing something? If you don't want your poke nocked out when it is low on health, why not run away? same thing for poison, don't fight poison pokes. Is that not allowed?

Edit: I know I posted first in this thread but due to my poor memory and lack of forethought. I got rid of my games and thought I would never play again. Silly me, I still intend to do this challenge along with a scramble.
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Finished Fire Red Nuzlocke but lost half the team in the process D:
The Survivors:
Polyphemus (Snorlax) lvl 66: Pretty much completely relied on him for the entire E4
Methuselah (Hitmonlee) lvl 60: He didn't really help out that much in the E4
Tarantino (Venasaur) lvl 64

Lost my Butterfree though! D: Darn Bruno's Hitmonlee and its Rock Slide/ Rock Tomb (w/e he had). Lost Proteus (Golduck) and Zephryus (Pidgeot) to Lance.

Now onto Ruby! TO HOENN!
Hopefully I get a Poochyena.

Started Ruby
Got Torchic (Apollo)
Got three Zigzagoons... (Prisma, Juniper, Copic), only training Juniper. Keeping the other two on the team until I get better Pokemon to abuse their Pick Up.
First casualty, Silcoon (Hera). I would be more upset if it had been a Cascoon (hate Beautifuly).
Caught Nincada (Ouija) on the route above Rustboro. Saw four Skitty right after that... (This game is so trolling me). But w/e, Nincada is Adamant.
Couldn't catch anything in Granite Cave b/c Apollo KO'ed a Makuhita (T_T)
Caught Wingull on Route north of Slateport named Seraph
Currently grinding mercilessly on the patch of grass just above Slateport. So far, the thought of facing Brendan is terrifying....

Current Team (excluding Zigzagoon I'm not training):
Combusken (Apollo) lvl 24
Shedinja lvl 20
Zigzagoon (Juniper) lvl 15
Ninjask (Ouija) lvl 20
Wingull (Seraph) lvl 12

....So underlevelled...
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Okay, update on my challenge so far. It's going pretty well by my standards, I'm almost at Brawly and there's only been one death, Sally my Silcoon.

John, my Combusken, Level 18
Alan, my Zigzagoon, level 17
Wally, my Aron, Level 17
Scott, my Taillow, Level 17

Kathy, my Nincada, Level 13 (It levels up at the pace of a snail, so I decided to ditch it)

Sally, my Silcoon, Level 3-8. Killed by a random crit. It was just about to evolve, too.

Also, I have a theme going for names. Can you guess it yet?


hey im gunna RESTART another one
its up to u
its either leaf green or emerald. im leaning towards emerald but still
and when u do say one, please say what starter too
thank you


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I'm actually going to give this a try for Platinum. I probably won't finish it, but hey, it's at least worth a shot.

Rules I'm going by:

-Nickname all Pokemon
-Capture only the first Pokemon in each area
-Faint = Death
-All fallen Pokemon go into a box called Cemetery. This will allow me to keep track of deaths better.
-Also, because I am a wimp, I choose to use Revives.

So far, so good. I started with a Chimchar named Zuko and just caught a Shinx named Leona. Currently in Jubilife City. Leona's leve 7, and Zuko's level 8.

EDIT: Oh God, I think I killed this thread.

Today was a productive day. Zuko evolved, and so did Jean, a Starly I caught on Route 203, I believe. Leona also learned Spark, and I caught a Ponyta named Firestar as well as two Geodudes, one I caught in the mine and named Adrian, and another one I caught in the Gate, but forgot to name. It's all right, though, becausein my mind, her name is Pebbles.

I knew I'd have to sacrifice something to beat Roark's Cranidos, which is the whole reason I even caught Adrian anyway. It may sound cruel, but I did what I had to do. What I always do. Turn death into a fighting chance to survive. I'm taking the rest of the day off to honor Adrian's sacrifice, and tomorrow, I'll beat Team Galactic and train Pebbles.

Current team:
Zuko (Monferno): Level 16
Leona (Shinx): Level 13
Jean (Staravia): Level 14
Pebbles (Geodude): Level 7

Firestar (Ponyta)

Adrian (Geodude) R.I.P

My first death. I have to admit, I'm taking this easier than I thought I would. Of course, Adrian meant next to nothing to me, so it's to be expected. I feel confident in my chances against Gardenia, but already, I'm filled with dread at the thought of Fantina's Mismagius. If all goes well, Leona should learn Bite by then, but I hope to have a Floatzel by then.

Getting really tired of having to edit my post, guys.

So I made it to Floaroma while catching a Psyduck (Mallard) in Ravaged Path. I tried catching a Buizel, but a critical hit killed it. Instead, after beating Mars, I just went with a Shellos (Taffy) from Route 205. Not really gonna bother training either until after I beat Gardenia. I mean, between Zuko and Jean, I should have this in the bag, but either way, both would just be liabilities. I REALLY wanted a Floatzel for Crunch, though, but I guess I'll just have to grind everyone to level 26. Also, barring a Budew/Roselia encounter until Hearthome, I'd just evolve my Eevee into a Leafeon anyway and teach it Bullet Seed, so no harm, no foul.

Anyway, Mars fight. Pebbles flinched a couple of times, but I did end up beating her Zubat. An intimidate from Jean and a little time and luck on Magnitude, and Purugly went down, though I did have a scary critical hit from Faint Attack. God, the Jupiter fight is gonna suck. And the worst part is, I have to train Pebbles because I need Magnitude for Skuntank.

Hand to God, I'm not playing any more until someone else posts. And if no one else posts before the game starts showing me Journal pages, I'm saying "**** it, I'll just do a normal run. Either that or continue with Emerald." I just don't want to keep editing the same post over and over again!

So last night, I put Honey on a tree, and I was lucky enough to get a female Combee first try! I caught her with Taffy and named her Bea.

EDIT: Decided to say "**** it" to the Nuzlocke challenge until I beat Emerald. I want to at least catch the Weather Trio on there first (I couldn't care less about beating Steven), because it sure as hell ain't getting done on HeartGold. Seriously, I've put that off for far too long.
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AKA Nightlingbolt
I would say trading defeats the whole point of the Nuzlocke challenge in the first place, which is encouraging you to use Pokemon you otherwise wouldn't use in a normal playthrough.

Let me ask you this: are you planning on trading the first Pokemon you find in six areas? Say, if you caught a Bidoof on Route 201 and a Starly on Route 202, would you trade them and use them on your Pearl? Be honest.


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Started a challenge on my platinum.
My rules consist of:
All Pokemon to be nicknamed
Catch the first pokemon in the area, unless already caught (in party or pc)
If they Faint, they're dead
My fallen Pokemon go into a box called RIP.
Not allowed to buy more than 2 healing items per town.

Right anyways
Started with a Piplup called Flippers. Beat my rival etc. Proceeded to catch a Starly at the lakefront which I named Wings then caught a Shinx, named Claws. Luckily my Shinx has Intimidate

Got into Jubilife with all three still alive. Beat my rival again, with Flippers and Claws. Proceeded along the route encountering nothing but Starly.
Lost Wings againts a Trainers Machop :-(
Caught a Zubat in Oreburg Gate, called him Fangs.
Arrived at Oreburg City, where I saved for the Day.

Current Team
Flippers (Piplup) Lvl 12
Claws (Shinx) Lvl 12
Fangs (Zubat) Lvl 5

Fallen Pokemon
Wings (Starly) Lvl 2- 9
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