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Nuzlocke Challenge

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I started this on Platinum about... three days ago.

1. If a Pokémon faints, it's dead. (Boxed in a box labeled dead.)
2. Species Clause, no two identical species can be caught throughout the game. (Overrides first seen rule, must be the first seen after copies have been encountered. ex: I catch a Bidoof on 201. I find a Bidoof on 202 first, I can't catch it. I find a Starly after that Bidoof. I can catch it.)
3. Nickname all Pokémon the names of people that last spoke around you. (More bonding happens.)
4. Run-on routes don't count as separate areas.
5. If all Pokémon in a party faint, it's considered a game over.

Currently my team is:

Trey the Monferno - Level 18
Hanna the Buizel - Level 10
Edna the Zubat - Level 12
Dwight the Budew - Level 15
Creed the Staravia - Level 14
Pam the Kricketune - Level 10

Boxed are:

Diego the Machop - Level 6
Wells the Onix - Level 8
Jan the Psyduck - Level 12

Dead Pokemon is:

[Odd name I can't remember] the Shinx - Level 10

So far so good, had my first encounter with Team Galactic at Valley Windworks, almost at Eterna Forest. I wanted to see if I could avoid Pokémon on 205, but sadly, Hanna the Buizel decided to pop up. And yes, most of those names were from The Office. They were the last people to have spoken.


Damn. Creed the Staravia died in Eterna Forest. I guess that's for not paying attention while fighting a Pachirisu. I also caught a Buneary. How exciting. Now I need a flying type. Great, looks like Crobat will be necessary.
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master breeder
Quick update from yesterday, the team and I trained our butts off and despite having lost yunalesca I trained thorin to the highest level team member. We take on whitney and Thorin barely even got touched. I catch a few more pokemon but nothing I want to add on to the team. Thorin evolves along with albert and shaak-ti. I talk to bill in ecruteak then go back to goldenrod and pick up an evee, which I evolved into Jolteon, the greatly welcomes Ramuh the jolteon. I overhauled the team a lot since last time and trained shaak-ti my zubat who is now a golbat. Training today until shaak-ti evolves into crobat then morty will go down.

Current team
;076; Thorin lvl. 26
;042; Shaak-ti lvl. 28
;135; Ramuh lvl. 13
;159; Albert lvl. 25


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Since it's vacation right now, I'll try this out. Playing on Pearl, and are excited to see where this goes.

1. If a Pokémon faints, it is one with the force and cannot be used again.
2. I can buy items, and I can use healing items, but not in battle, only outside.
3. Nickname all Pokémon the names of Star Wars characters
4. If all of my Pokemon in my party faints, they're one with the force and the Republic has lost.

Started off picking the girl, and called her Ahsoka. Then I called my rival Jar Jar, and the battle between who is the most horrible Star Wars character begins. Thought I could go and get my first Pokemon at the get go, but Ahsoka is stupid, so we needed to talk to Jar Jar's mom. After doing that, we met up with Jar Jar, and we saw Rowan and his son talking. We ignored them, and took the case. I picked Chimchar, and together we striked first and took down Starly. Then we left, me with Chimchar and Jar Jar with Piplup. We saw Rowan and his son again, but since we both suck at life, we ignored them and went home.

Then, after a lot of talking, we went to Twinleaf, where we offically got our Pokemon. Nicknamed my Chimchar for Obi-Wan, and then we bought some balls. Saw my very first Pokemon in Route 201, and captured Starly, calling him Lama Su. We went on home, and after doing that, we travelled to Route 202, where we captured our second Starly, calling her Taun We. We continiued, as we fought some guys, and Obi-Wan and Lama Su got stronger with the force. We got to Jubilife City, and there we got that watch.

We moved on to Route 204, where we caught Kricketot, and called him for Dooku. We level'd him up, and went to Ravaged Path, where we saw Zubat. She was easily captured and got the name Padme. We defeated some enemies of the Republic, and then we healed. Then the first showdown between Ahsoka and Jar Jar began. Obi-Wan and Dooku easily defeated the two weaklings on Jar Jar's side. They were no match for the Republic, and he lost. We captured another Starly in Route 203, and called him for Organa. Organa's life would be short lived, as he fell to save Dooku from dying and became the first casualty of the war, and the same happened with Taun We, when he went down to save Padme. We're soon to battle Roark, but first we need to power up our troops.


;390; Obi-Wan Lvl 12 (Lake Verity)

;396; Lama Su Lvl 11 (Route 201)

;401; Dooku Lvl 9 (Route 204)

;041; Padme Lvl 7 (Ravaged Path)

With the Force:

;396; Taun We Lvl 4 (Route 202)

;396; Organa Lvl 5 (Route 203)


elite wigglejiggle!?
Started on Leafgreen with Kommensi the charmander

only items i find
must catch first pokemon you see and use it.


Just finish a Nuzlocke on Emerald. Hall of Fame team:

Flynn-Flygon-Lv. 63 (Got lucky in desert. Caught a Lonely Trapinch, one of the only natured Trapinchs I use)

Lect-Electrode-Lv. 58 (Caught in New Mauville as Voltorb)

Ecko-Sceptile-Lv. 62 (Starter duh)

Sev-Seviper-Lv. 60 (Caught after meeting teams at Meteor Falls)

Crue-Tentacruel-Lv. 59 (Caught outside Abandoned Ship)

Mari-Azumarill-Lv. 60 (Slave until reaching the Pokemon League, redid moveset after achieving ability to fly to league)


Wobu-Wobuffet-Lv. 43 (Safari Zone)

Crad-Cradily-Lv. 45 (fossil)

Neto-Magneton-Lv. 40 (Caught as Magnemite in New Mauville)

Migh-Mightyena-Lv. 41 (My first capture)


Lino-Linoone-Lv. 30 (nuked during training)

Opi-Tropius-Lv. 31 (pwnd by Winona)

Shif-Shiftry-Lv. 36 (also pwnd by Winona)

Starting a Nuzlocke on Diamond. Trying to beat it within the eight days before I get Black and White. at which point I'll start a run on Black.


master breeder
Another update, I have taken down four gyms since I last posted. I am working on taking down team rocket at goldenrod radio tower. No deaths since bugsy.

Current team
;057; B.A. pig lvl. 35
;160; Albert lvl. 35
;135; Ramuh lvl. 40
;076; Thorin lvl. 40
;169; Shaak-ti lvl. 35

Reserves, to many to list but I will hit some highlights.
;102; momawnadon lvl. 30
;070; Galadriel lvl. 23
;128; Han solo lvl. 20
;213; Kul teska lvl. 27

;074; Yunalesca lvl. 18
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Ok, well i am now going to start posting on Serebii again! So, since i have some time off school i am doing 4 nuzlockes at the moment, 3 of which i am going to keep at the same pace and twine in together into a story. The four games are Diamond, Yellow, Crystal and Emerald. The three i will be putting together are Yellow, Crystal and Emerald, and this update is for those three games after the first gym.

(Note, all games I am using the 3 main rules + battle mode: set and on Emerald I can’t buy items)

Well, the annoying thing about the rom, is that since the file is so basic and small, when I speed up, it goes to around 4000-8000% which pretty much means I’m teleporting everywhere. Handy in some cases, not so in others. Also, nicknames are just first things that pop into my head. (Remember, r/b/y, stats are Hp, attack, defense, speed, special)

Pikachu - Button - lv.11
31 - 19 - 14 - 29 - 18
Thundershock - Growl - Quick Attack, Thunder Wave
Are pikachus usually this fast?

Butterfree - Bugsy - lv.14
43 - 23 - 24 - 30 - 31
Confusion - Tackle - Stun Spore - Poison Powder
Solo’d Brock, without taking damage.

Rattata - Lumpy - lv.5
19 - 12 - 9 - 13 - 8
Tackle - Tail Whip
Damn critz

Spearow - Birdy - lv.10
29 - 20 - 14 - 20 - 12
Peck - Growl - Leer
Had been uber sand attacked, don’t know why I didn’t just switch...

Ok, found out that this goes up to like 4000-6000%, not as bad as yellow but still... anyways, good start, no deaths and decent Pokemon. (Remember these stats have sp.attk and sp.def as usual, format is Hp, attk, def, sp.attk, sp.def, spd)

Totodile - Snappa - lv.12
37 - 23 - 23 - 17 - 18 - 16
Scratch - Leer - Rage
It was a close call between Cyndiqwil and Totodile but Totodile has always been a great asset to my in-game team so I went with her.

Spearow - Nash - 13
35 - 23 - 18 - 15 - 15 - 28
Peck - Growl - Leer - Fury Attack
Cleared out Sprout Tower easily and gained a few levels doing so. Should be a great help through-out the game is no casualty occurs.

Growlithe - Melissa - lv.11
36 - 22 - 17 - 21 - 17 - 20
Ember - Bite - Roar
Got really lucky with this one, will check Serebii later to find the earliest possible stage to get a fire stone, not saying I will do it as early as possible though, will need to check movepool too.

Togepi Egg


Falkner Tactic: Had Growlithe out first, embered Pidgey to death. Took out about half of Pidgeotto’s HP before switching to Spearow who used a flurry of Growls to reduce the gusts and tackles to nothing. Fearing another attack however, switched to Totodile for the easy finish.

Ahhh, feels good to be back at 400-500%.... well actually, it’s a bit too slow. I would edit the speed settings but it just doesn’t seem to feel right afterwards. Anyways, since I am trying to keep at the same stage in all the games I will quickly try to beat the gym for this update. (Note: this update is right after beating Roxanne or whatever her name is)

Marshtomp - Derp - Lv.16
Torrent - Bashful
49 - 32 - 28 - 26 - 30 - 22
Water Gun - Tackle - Mud Shot - Growl
Decided to use Mudkip for once, despite the fact that I really don’t like it that much, however I know it is good and is a reliable water type incase I get stuck.

Dustox - Dusty - lv.12
Shield Dust - Quirky
37 - 18 - 23 - 17 - 29 - 22
Confusion - Harden
Caught it as a cascoon, didn’t take as long as I thought to evolve. Expect it will die soon, hopefully it can serve it’s main purpose against Brawley before then.

Whismur - Bang - lv.10
Soundproof - Rash
34 - 15 - 11 - 16 - 10 - 12
Pound - Uproar
Was originally going to train two Explouds, too bad the first one died to a crit, however Bang should fair well as long as it survives past Wattson, then it will start getting a fair bit of use.

Zigzagoon - Prick - lv.5
Can’t remember how she died but I’ll miss pickup :(

Whismur - Boom - lv.11
Quick Attack crit from a Taillow. I was going to have the ultimate Exploud pair....

My diamond updates won’t be as consistent or common, stay tuned for more though. (And yes, these updates will start getting even longer.)

Feels good to be back in my own thread which is so big :)

Edit: Oh wait... nope, I'm still not posting on Serebii... back to Smogon!
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Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
I will do it in HG.Will try to update diary.Will use items that i find .

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
Before the Start :I'm Xande.Professor Elm asked me to go take an egg on Mr Pokémon 's house.I 'm also going to do the Hit me with Your best Shot challenge so forget about the rule of the pokémon catches for me.Later I will give the Day one report.
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Pokémon Trainer Xande

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22:49 on Brazil:

Don't made such a advance in the game.Started with Cyndaquil called Explosion that is at level 7 by now.2 rattattas level 4 almost killed him.However,they used Tail Whip,instead of Tackle or Quick Attack and I killed then.Don' t using items is hard.Put this rule back because got ride of the catch rule.I 'm on Route 29 and will probably get home and sleep in my bed tonight.

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
Day 3/ 17:31 on Brazil:Have not gotten a lot of advance because the People at the 4th Gen hit me with your best shot challenge aren't giving me pokémons anymore.So I' ll forget about it for now.Will get back to Heart Gold at night and plan to name everyone with Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow names.My game will be erased and my name changed to Soma.Will call Cyndaquil Dario(A human boss possessed by a Fire Demon called Aguni and a candidate for being Dracula).Will update tomorrow or even later on an Edit.

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
Day 5 /22:30 on Brazil: Still didn't get a lot of advance because of my real life(if you want to know the whole story, please go to the your Amazing Life,Advice,relationship and teen angst thread on non -pokémon forums,miscelaneous polls and find my posts).Beat Elder Li and I 'm training for defeating the first gym now.I did get a Gastly and called Paranoia(the master of the mirrors in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow),a Mareep(forgot to nickname it) and a Spinarak called Puppet Master(A guy with a lot of hands that create a lot of things).

Party: Dario(Cyndaquil) lv12 and Paranoia(Gastly)lv 12 too.


Dead:MAREEP(Forgot to name it) lv6.


I'm so freakin' bored, so I'm going to give this a try. I've done a few Nuzlocke Challenges in the past, and I've enjoyed them so I'll give things a shot. I'm going to use my spare Diamond version for this one. My rules:

1) Nickname all Pokemon
2) Catch first Pokemon on each route
3) Faint = Death

I started the game by choosing the male character. I named him Tobias, just because. I also named the rival character; his name is Ash. I awoke in Twinleaf Town and got things taken care of at home. I went to my rival's house and talked to him and he set off to Route 201. I followed after him and we walked to Lake Verity. We were attacked by Starly and I chose Piplup as my starter Pokemon. I beat the Starly, then I talked to Professor Rowan. Things happened and I got back home. I left to Sandgem Town after that with Piplup and then got to Professor Rowan's lab after battling some wild Pokemon on Route 201. I talked to him and he asked me if I wanted to nickname Piplup. I said yes and named it Frank, just because. I got the Pokedex from Rowan and saved.

My current team:

;393; - Frank level 8
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I like the idea of a Nuzlocke challenge... I'll have to give it a go in Leafgreen and Ruby.

My rules

1) Nickname all Pokemon
2) Catch first Pokemon on each route/cave/forest (unless it is a Pokemon i've already seen)
3) Legendaries are exempt from Catch First rule
4) Faint = unusable for the remainder of the game

Leafgreen team (so far)

Charmander male Lvl 7 (Jesse)
Pidgey male Lvl 6 (Jack)
Metapod female Lvl 7 (Amanda)
Rattata male Lvl 6 (Norman)

...Brock is gonna be a pain in the backside unless I can get a Mankey first thing from just outside the League...

And for those that see the link and know those names... yes... I do have a Diagnosis Murder theme going on...


I started a Nuzlocke in my red a while ago. Never got very far in it but suffered some big losses. Still need to pick that back up.

Pokémon Trainer Xande

Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist
I will start again in HG. I 'm doing one in Sapphire and it 's working. The rules got weird, however, I liked that. I will start with Totodile and call him (or her) something about a legend of somewhere on the world.Exemple: A froslss could be Yuki-Onna, aNinetals could be Kyuubi.

EDIT: I started with a Cyndaquil and named him Dean(form the supernatural series)(my enemies will be called the legends)(my trainer name is Sam). I got to Mr. Pokémon 's house and I didn 't battle Azazel(my rival) yet. I want to evolve Dean to a Quilava first.
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I went back to Twinleaf Town and talked to my mom and got the Parcel for my rival. I went back through Route 201 and battled along the way. I arrived in Sandgem Town and headed north to Route 202 where I obtained the Poke Balls from Dawn. I then ran into a wild Shinx and I captured it for my team. I named it Flash and trained it on Route 202 along with Frank. I spent some time there and headed back to heal when both Pokemon leveled up. I battled the trainers on Route 202 and arrived in Jubilife City. I healed and then went to the Trainers' School and battled there. I then explored the town and collected those special coupons for the Poketch. I obtained the real thing and then trained on that route north of Jubilife City. I saved once my Pokemon were reasonably trained.

My current team:

;393; - Frank level 11
;403; - Flash level 9


< brav man i is sick
I think I’ll start a Diamond Nuzlocke…

I hate that thing that happens in all Pokémon games. A wasted chance! This chance was when the Starly’s came in Verity Lake. I chose the Piplup and later named it Pingu. I got the Running Shoes and headed to Sandgem Town. Also, I got a wasted chance in Route 201 where I came across a Lv3 (F) Bidoof. Blah, blah, I got the Journal from my mum and learned how to catch from Dawn. In Route 202 I was hoping to find a Shinx and I found a (M) Lv3 Shinx. I caught it and called it Counter.

Current Team –
;393; Pingu Lv6 (M) Careful
;403; Counter Lv3 (M) Timid


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Gogo HeartGold Nuzlocke!

Picked Cyndaquil as my started, nicknamed Prometheus. Obviously can't catch anything on the first route, sad times, killed a bunch of wild stuff to train up. Also I've just realised (having just finished White) that having the mart not in the pokecentre and not being able to reuse TM's are both going to be really, really annoying.

Finally got to the point of catching my first pokemon, Atlas the Geodude. Shame Route 29 and 30 are wasted because you don't get pokeballs til after being on them. Caught an Unown and Rattata (sprout tower), as well as getting the Mareep egg from Violet City. Beat sprout tower. Also got lucky and caught a Hoppip on route 32.

Gym Time:

Geodude swept. Yeah that was easy. Reached level 11 (and therefore rock throw) with the last gym trainer, and Falkner was pretty easy. Roost was a bit of a pain though.

Hermes the Pidgey (Male) level 11
Rash @ nothing

Prometheus the Cyndaquil (Male) level 11
Hasty @ nothing

Atlas the Geodude (Male) level 12
Lax @ nothing
Defence Curl
Rock Throw
Rock Polish

Hanatori the Hoppip (Male) level 6
Gentle @ nothing
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