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Oasis [poem, free verse]


Waiting for summer

The desert's heat,
suffocating their victims.
The cacti resist, conserving their water.
The sand, burns like an ever changing oven.
Burning the insects, baking them alive.
This is the prison of the world.

The animals, searching for their oasis.
The brave bird, grey and rugged.
He flies through the icy cold night,
searching for his oasis.

The wind sweeps up and the bird is carried away.
The wind is the cat, and the bird is the mouse,
being dragged like her next victim.
The wind finally drops him on a patch of grass.
He weakly gets up as his eyes widen with excitement.
He has found it!

The oasis, where the grass grows green and the water is crystal clear.
Where the butterflies flutter among the beautiful cactus flowers.
The symphony of the astonishing song birds and their insect prey.
The oasis, true paradise.