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OBJECTION! Ace Attorney shipping thread.

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by ChloboShoka, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    ~~~~~~~~~Ace Attoney shipping thread~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    ~What is Ace Attorney?~

    Ace Attorney is a game series relased by Capcom in October of 2005 for the Nintendo DS (released a month earlier in Japan under the name "Gyakuten Saiban ~ Yomigaeru Gyakuten"). The game focuses on investigation and trails on murder cases. The Pheonix Wright series you will be the Defence making sure that your defendant is proved not guilty. A future series with Miles Edgeworth is set to be relieased where you are the prosecutor. The Pheonix Wright games have been given mostly high and good reviews; Gamespy gave it a 4/5/

    Court-records A very popular site for Ace Attorney fans, includes information, spite resources, fan art, fan fics and even a forum. Lots of good stuff there. =D

    Deviantart plenty of Ace Attonry treats out there to feat your eyes one.

    Ace Attoney kink Meme - An LJ challenge from teagueful where you can request any pairing anonymously and it is completed anonymously. very fun and definatly worth checking out.

    Random pairing generator - for lulz

    Anyone wants to give more, then cool. =D

    1. General rules apply.
    2. No spamming.
    3. No flaming.
    4. No silly flamewars, keep them out of this thread.

    5. This thread is open to all Ace Attorney pairs including crossover and poly pairs.
    6. Credit is loved. <3 Original artists highly appreciate it and it's a rule on sppf so credit. If you don't know who made a fan art you can always ask and hopefully someone will tell you so you can give proper credit.
    7. Feel free to share your AA shippy stuff and also recs as well. But don't make advertising the sheer purpose, don't forget to discuss as well.
    8. Try to answer topics in the best way you can.

    First topic
    What are your favorite Ace Attorney pairs and why?
    Franziska Von Karma x Maya Fey
    My frist impression on these two were that they were pretty kinky. Franny kinky with her whip and attitude and Maya kinky in a cute way. I love both of their personalities and I think they're both awesome as well. I find this ship to be really lovely and I consider it my AA OTP. <3

    Pearl Fey x Pheonix Wright
    Silverhalo's DA page

    I find this pair as a really cute father/daughter sort of ship. I think Phoenix is sort of a good role model for Pearl and the pair of them worked hard to get Maya not guilty in the second case of JFA.

    Phoenix Wright x Maya Fey
    I like this pair. I find it really nice and really cute. Kinda hard to no. XD
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2009
  2. Peter Quill

    Peter Quill star-lord

    Hey Phoenix Wright has some interesting ships :)

    I'll only post one cause I'm on the run though :(
    I'll make sure to tune in later.

    Franziska Von Karma x Adrian Andrews

    There are some spoiler bits here for those that haven't played case 4 in Justice For All so beware...

    This pair is extremely kinky in my opinion, with Adrain's co dependancy always giving into Francizka. It's interesting, Adrian always going into Francizka. Seriously they have a good connection after case 4 in JFA
  3. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Yay a PW thread :3

    I am a HUGE supporter of Phoenix x Maya Fey.

    I don't know why, they just have...awesome chemistry.

    Opposites attract.
  4. Golly, I ave a lot of ships...

    Phoenix x Maya - OTP, ect. Love em, it's so perfect, they are practically dating anyway.

    Apollo x Trucy - I know, I know, eww. DON'T CARE.

    Klavier x Trucy - To upset Polly, also it's cute as.

    Klavier x Ema - Reminds me of Ash and Misty. I dunno why.

    Edgeworth x Franzy - I read an awesome fanfic on the kink meme, and i converted me.

    Gumshoe x Franziska - She was upset when he got a new jacket. That is all.

    Franzy x Adrian - She wen all he way to germany for her, plus she taught her to use a whip.

    Mia x Diego - Hot as, you know?

    Me x Diego - God, he's so hot... mmm.....

    Dessie x Ron - CANON, plz.

    Pearls x Cody - They're he same age, that's about all.

    Kristoph x Dahlia - DON'T PRETEND YOU DON'T LOVE IT

    Does anyone else hate Iris? I hate Iris...
  5. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I see a lot of Phoenix/Maya love here, I'm fond of that pair.

    Nice ships there, Eva. I need to get the other games, seriously. Been looking at the rest of the characters a lot lately. Iris x Dahlia sounds really interesting and a really cute incest pair.

    Gumshoe x Franziska is hilariously cute, man she must have whipped him more times than hot dinners. XD It's pretty nice as well.

    And of course Franziska x Adrian is a charming Yuri ship. Thought about it while playing JFA and of course I think they would suit each other nicely and makes a lot of sense. Adrian was feeling more good about herself and the with Franny crying at the end with a reference to Adrian was cool. I like a lot of Franziska ships. XD

    I'll put a new topic, you're welcome to respond to it.
    Which character do you think would make the biggest impact to your favorite AA pair and why?

    I've had the idea that perhaps Pearl would make a impact to Maya/Nick because of an avatar I saw over in the court-records forum. Where there is Phoenix and Maya in a negative pose and Pearl in the middle jumping happily and the text said "Come on kiss!"

    And also because when Maya was a defendant in JFA, Pearl proved to be a good deal of help. =>
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2009
  6. I'd have to say Trucy to Nick and Maya, because, well her and Pearl would be so into getting them together. And Maggey for Gumshoe and Franzy, because she's sorta in the way. Cute, but in the way.

    And I love Iris x Dahlia too. It's nice.
  7. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Which character do you think would make the biggest impact to your favorite AA pair and why?

    Definitely Iris to Nick/Maya. She is really in the way, and I'm suprised no one put up Nick/Iris. (even though it's one sided)

    And I have a pic.


    It has some ships in there, but you gotta feel bad for Nick :(
  8. insecure_fool

    insecure_fool BashouShipper~!

    What are your favorite Ace Attorney pairs and why?



    And I also like Mia and Godot. The sweetest canon there is. X3
  9. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    FeenieXIris is my favorite with KlavierXEma on second.

    Feenris is pretty sweet and after that crazy 3-5 case, I decided that I like Iris' character and she and nick would be good together if they're given another chance.

    I think Maya can affect them. She did tease Nick when they were in the temple though Pearl may object ^^;.

    Klavier and Ema are just hilarious, especially when fuelled by the fanfics.

    -Trucy and Apollo should be able to push if asked.

    Mia and Diego were pretty cool too.
  10. Andcetera

    Andcetera Crude mother fxxker

    *Phoenix x Edgeworth: Pretty obvious really I:
    Franziska x Gumshoe: Gah, so cute, i like how Franzy always bosses him around
    Gumshoe x Edgeworth: Adorable pairing, gumshoes just so big and goofy and Edgy is just so shy and all uptight I:<
  11. Vulpixi_Misa

    Vulpixi_Misa Starving Artist

    I'm shocked that only two people said Pheonix x Edgeworth. Personally, I prefer Edgeoworth x Phoenix, and if anyone's asking, there is a difference. This pairing would definitely be canon if this wasn't a general audience game. >w>

    And I'm pretty surprised at the large number of Phoenix x Maya fans here! Count me in as one of the PheMaya fans. ^__^ They definintely need more fanfiction though. =< They're also pretty canon, since Pheonix is the one that's always saving her. (I heart case two of game two. Also the last case in the game, though I have to say it wasn't my favorite of the three. .__.)

    As for Apollo Justice, I don't really have a favorite pairing. Maybe Apollo x Trucy is kinda cute. (Yes, I've finished the game. I: ) I don't understand why there are so many Klavier/Apollo fans. The dynamics between the two aren't really as interesting as Phoenix and Edgeworth's. Someone that's a fan, please tell me why you ship them together. =<
  12. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    I need to buy Apollo Justice.

    New Topic:
    Any PW pairs that make you lol?
    Whilst laying Trails and Tribulations, I thought that Phoenix x Dahlia was bittersweet, and leads to Pheonix x Dahlia x Iris. Iris falling for Pheonix whilst Dahlia just used him and tried to kill him. It's a very exciting threesome and it has yet to bore me. And the Dahlia x Pheonix dialougue in case 1 in T&T made me laugh at some parts too. Although it was a bit WTF - They both act and sound like a perfect happy couple but it all went wrong. Poor feenie being deceived by Dahlia like that and also feel a bit bad for Iris too.

    I've seen quite a lot of Pheonix x Maya stuff around as well, as well as Pheonix x Edgeworth. Some really lovely ships.
    Last edited: May 15, 2009
  13. JFate

    JFate Travelling Trainer

    -But Feenie and Iris were a happy couple. Wben Feenie was saying that maybe it wasn't his Dolly that was just charged he was correct since he met the real Dahlia twice. Iris was masquerading her the whole time, remember?
  14. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    Ooh a new topic.

    Do any PW Ships make you lol?
    PearlxGant. Let me just put it out there.

    Yeah, I felt bad for Feenie. Some of the dialouge though-as you said-was priceless. Like "My dolly doesn't poop!"
  15. Phailure123

    Phailure123 is full of fail.

    I like Edgeworth x Phoenix. It's been my OTP for AA since I played 1-4. Yeah. After playing that case, I was kinda convinced they were gay for each other. Then after playing 3-5, I was absolutely convinced that they were gay for each other.

    Some other pairings I'm fond of are...

    Maya x Larry
    Gumshoe x Maggey
    Franziska x Adrian
    Godot x Mia
    Dessie x Ron
    Kristoph x Dahlia
    Klavier x Ema

    Do any PW Ships make you lol?
    Pretty much all of them. In some way, they all make me laugh.
  16. Ho-ohRocks201

    Ho-ohRocks201 Beyond the Rainbow~

    I think that Phoenix isn't gay. He is just a deep friend of Edgeworth's (Just my opinion, don't want to start a ship war.)

    GodotxMia, more like DeigoxMia (Although that is a HUGE spoiler.)
  17. Vulpixi_Misa

    Vulpixi_Misa Starving Artist

    Any PW pairs that make you lol?

    Anything with Larry in it, period. Ahaha. I love the guy dearly, but honestly, I don't think I can see him in a relationship.

    FranziskaxGumshoe also makes me lol.
  18. Sora

    Sora AKA Snagger Outlaw

    Any PW pairs that make you lol?
    I remember someone on the kink meme was asking for a Dahlia/Matt Engarde fic.

    With multiple personalities, does that make it an orgy? -shot-

    Anything with Daryan. C'mon, the hair and suggestive animation sequence is asking for it. THE CREEPY JAPANESE FAN ART POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.
  19. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Man I've been dead on Sppf lately.
    Larry needs more love. I love Larry x Alita, I can imagine him as a police officer trying to help her escape prison because he falls in love with her. The kink meme is brilliant, I should add a link to the kink meme in the first post and the random generator I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I got Gant x April. On Daryan, my favorite ship with him is him x Klavier. His hair was brilliant.

    Might as well go on about my favorite AJ pairs. Ema x Trucy, Apollo x Trucy, Larry x Alita, Dahlia x Kristoph and Wocky x Pearl are my five favorite pairs. I like the crack.

    I think I got even more interested in Apollo x Trucy after I found out they were related.
  20. honey_clover112

    honey_clover112 tsundere full force!

    owo Hello gaiz, welcome me to the thread. Please be gentle. 8D *shot*

    What are your favorite Ace Attorney pairs and why?

    Needless to say, Phoenix x Edgeworth. I really loved this shipping because first and foremost, it was Edgeworth that inspired Phoenix to become what he is, an attorney. if someone inspires you to actually pursue something that big holds a big place somewhere there, inside him. And their interactions are quite endearing, in a way... rivals, yet friends. And in TaT, fufufufu.

    My het otp is Phoenix x Maya. Really cute, that shipping. Ready to protect Maya to the bitter end~ <3

    Any PW pairs that make you lol?

    Gantz x Anyone. REALLY. Or Larry x Anyone. ... Actually, all of them make me lol. In some way. ... Something. Gumshoe x Franziska
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