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OBJECTION! Ace Attorney shipping thread.

Discussion in 'Alternative Shipping' started by ChloboShoka, Apr 8, 2009.

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  1. ChloboShoka

    ChloboShoka Writer

    Julia we both live! =0 You've been ganted. Enjoy! =P

    My love for Phoenix x Miles has grown a lot since sppf. And I second every word you said in that post. I think it's a wonderful charming pairing because of what they've both been though and how they always fight for the truth. And it's obvious they both really care for each other as friends. It's a wonderful rival ship.

    And for Gant ships, I support Gant x Manfred, Gant x Dee and Gant x Lana. Mainly Gant x Lana because in my headcanon, they are Machi's biogical parents.

    And Apollo het is awesome, not to mention totally adorable. I ship Apollo with Trucy, Maya, Regina, Vera, Iris, Wakana, Ema and Viola. Mainly Apollo x Viola.

    I don't hate or dislike any pairings in this fandom; I think they are all good.

    OT3's anyone?
  2. Durp

    Durp Well-Known Member

    I'm surprised this thread is kind of dead, even after a new game came out recently. :/

    Pre-AAI I liked a ton, but now I only like Maya/Regina, Will/Iris (oh shush), Phoenix/Franziska (only a teeny bit :x), The Bellboy/Richard (<3333333333), Turner/Richard, and Dustin/Richard.

    And obviously no OT3s for me in this game. *thinks of the ones I liked in the past and shudders*

    EDIT: Though, I once joked about a fanon Bellboy-Richard-Dustin love triangle with some friends years ago. XD
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2010
  3. taitofan

    taitofan Stalker!

    *really needs to play the new game even though she bought it the week it was out* Anyway, lemme see what topics I can answer...

    What are your favorite Ace Attorney pairs and why?
    I won't list them all cause like with most of my fandoms, we'd be here all day. LukexMatt is my overall OTP and I could care less if people think it's crack. It makes perfect sense in my mind. They're both gonna be in the same jail anyway. They could be cellmates. X3 For AJ it's DaryaxMachi. A house made out of cookies and pianos indeed.

    My fave yuri ship is FranziskaxMaya. No offense to FranzyxAdrian fans cause I really like that ship too, but I'd rather see Franziska with someone a little more bubbly like Maya. Though this is the one category where my AJ ship is on par with my PW ship. AlitaxTrucy is all kinds of hilarious and needs to happen. Nao plzkthx.

    For het... Probably ApolloxVera. It's certainly the most normal ship I like. It's just so...fluffy. I love it. I don't really have a PW het ship that I'm heavily into. PhoenixxIris is kinda cute.

    Any PW pairs that make you lol?
    Most of them. Ace Attorney ships are generally lulzy. I blame/thank the awesomely diverse cast.

    OT3's anyone?
    LukexMattxRon. That is all. <3
  4. Durp

    Durp Well-Known Member

    I've seen somebody draw that on the kink meme.....which is right here: http://i41.*******.com/wtfwuu.jpg (for anyone else looking, it's kinda safe but suggestive)

    *can't think of anything else relevant to post*
  5. Vulpixi_Misa

    Vulpixi_Misa Starving Artist

    Holy crap anon, are you me?! Lol! Your answers were pretty much the same as mines. XD

    OT3's anyone?
    Well from the answer of my first question Edgeworth x Phoenix x Maya FTW. <3
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