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Obligatory Welcome thread.

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Hi boys and girls.

Thought It'd be polite to say hello.
Been a Pokémon fan since Gen I (and have never left the franchise), so you can probably imagine I've been using Serebii.net as a resource on various things since as long as I remember. I don't play competitive or for completion/shiny hunting/legendary hunting type reasons, I just play the games until I beat the champion and that's it. Unless it's a brand new gen, in which case I usually do some post-game stuff.

Anyway, figured I might as well sign up.

Looking forward to playing Sun, and hopefully I'll get into some interesting conversations on here.


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Hey welcome to the forums. I myself am also not personally in to competitive playing and all the mathematical algorithms and whatnot, I like playing for fun and the pure nostalgia aesthetic. But nonetheless welcome! I look forward to chatting all things Pokemon!


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Hey Zolar! Welcome to the site, nice to meet you. o/ I've been a Pokémon fan for as long as you also, though I do love to play post-game a lot haha. Even when the story's over it's not hard to find something to do. Glad you're looking forward to Sun & Moon! Sun master race.

See you around. =)
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