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Obsession Confession

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Never Forget
This thread is here to discuss obsessions.
If you just want to say that youre obsessed with something, put "Random:" at the beginning of youre post. Or if you want help with youre obsession, put "Serious:" at the beginning of youre post.

(If this is supposed to be in another topic, please move it to the appropriate topic.Thnx.)

Random: In the last couple days i've been obsessed with Metal music like, Ich Will-Rammstein and Mystica-Axel Rudi Pell.


Experienced Trainer
pokemon is definately my main obsession and a also the internet.


I. F.E.E.L. G.O.O.D.
Random: I'm obsessed with art, drawing, colors, women, hentai, pokemon, games, money, toys, writing, creating, the internet, some fashion, more money and my hair.
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The Awesome Atheist
Serious: The Theory of Evolution, and overall Biology

Random: Pokemon, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, Dinosaurs, food, writing, photoshop, learning about computers, fakemon, writing screen plays.


Well-Known Member
Darkwing Duck
Adventure Time
The Big Bang Theory
Generator Rex
Super Sentai
Japanese music (mostly from Toku and anime)


Ash's fangirl
Random: Manga, Pokemon, internet, drawing, sleeping & food
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