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Obtaining your first "Strong" Pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lunar66, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Lunar66

    Lunar66 Member

    While playing my first Pokemon game which was Pokemon Red version, I was on my way to battle Lt. Surge. In doing so, I came across a patch of grass and ran into a wild Raticate. At first glance, I didn't know what Pokemon it was considering I was still a n00b within the Pokemon series, and so I attempted to capture it (Note: This was back in the 1990s, Lol). After a week had passed without any luck of me capturing it, I grew more and more desperate, so I made it my main goal to capture this huge "Rat" Pokemon. Two months has then passed and I finally captured it. After using it on Lt. Surge for the first time, It got quite disappointing because I had depended on nothing more than my Raticate to do the job and defeat Mr. Surge. What a bad mistake! Blaaahh!!

    Come to find out, my Raticate didn't know any decent moves to take down Lt. Surge, and so I trained him along with the rest of my team. After about a week of training, I took on Lt. Surge, and I was quite satisfied with the outcome. Not only did my huge "Rat" Pokemon do an awesome job, but I learned to not only depend on one Pokemon to do the work. Time had passed since my victory over Lt. Surge, and I grew more and more attached to my Raticate. Now in 2011, I now know that it's not all about power, but how you train your Pokemon and lastly, love for them. What about you all? When you first obtained your so-called strong Pokemon, how did you feel towards them? I know Raticate may not be the best Pokemon in today's generation, but he will remain in my heart.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2011
  2. Moneyy

    Moneyy INACTIVE

    My first playthrough of Pokemon Saphire, I made my Swampert do all the work and I barely caught any other Pokemon. I loved that Swampert.
  3. Saberu

    Saberu Well-Known Member

    I remember catching my first Geodude... Named her Josephina, and beat most of the game with her. Then, when she was a level 66 graveler, I tried to off the Elite Four.

    Dewgong used Surf!
    Me: ?!?!?!?!

    Those were the days. XD
  4. XXD17

    XXD17 Draco rex

    Yeah...it was a sceptile for me back in emerald...that thing pwned..until it came to Drake which totally destroyed it...that is until I got dragon claw for it...
  5. orangezilla

    orangezilla Who's dar man

    Chose mudkip as my first starter, never looked back at all
  6. munchlaxboy

    munchlaxboy Catching up on XY

    My Charizard in Red. Was the only Pokemon I trained lol. Ripped up the league nearly single-handedly.
  7. Farfan


    Well, I was breeding for Chimchars, and decided to take one of them and EV train him. It was when I started and learned to EV train, back in 2008. I EV trained it but I didn't care for his nature, (this was after game) and I always carried him in my party. He won a lot of battles, E4 run, etc.
    When I transfered it to my White, I realized he's Naive nature, with very good IVs. Almost flawless! I didn't notice it before, and it's one of my favorite pokemons now.
  8. Sert908

    Sert908 Lucario Lover!

    I got my first starter, Blaziken, to 100 in Emerald by repeatedly doing the E4.
  9. Paradoxe

    Paradoxe not actually psychic

    My first Level 100 besides a starter was my Crobat.

    I decided to go into a cave and catch a Zubat, then train the heck out of it. For no reason. After days(?) of repetitive training, I got my Crobat.
  10. BIGJRA

    BIGJRA Catchin' Em All

    Firered-Charizard named him flarezard. beat all until drake, when aerodactyl put me out. I used a rhydon high level just enough to help the league, but my charizard pwned.
  11. MetalSonic

    MetalSonic Orderan' Defendan'

    It was actually a Haunter I never evolved because I didn't know how 2 evolve it. xD

    I just assumed I wasn't ready 4 it's evolution 'cause that's what my bro told me.
  12. Xyllerion

    Xyllerion I like bacon!

    Back when I was a noob, I only used Feraligatr and HM slaves. It single handedly pwned the Pokemon League for me.
  13. unstopable373

    unstopable373 Well-Known Member

    I would think your first strong pokemon would be your first ever pokemon (your starter) in the first pokemon game you played.

    So for me it was Charizard, pretty awesome pokemon, but I also had Articuno.

    Now a days that would be a horrible team to start off with because of SR, good thing Brock was the only real threat to use rock types.
  14. ThePlatypusKing

    ThePlatypusKing Well-Known Member

    pokemon sapphire my sceptile he was the best pokemon on my team and my first ever his moves were pretty bad (except for leaf blade) leaf blade, absorb, rock smash, and return my first level 100 ever his still on my sapphire game might migrate him or not
  15. Monster Guy

    Monster Guy Fairy type Trainer

    Pikachu in Yellow version.

    I killed everything with Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Slam. xD

    I was such a noob back then.
  16. AuraSphere

    AuraSphere TED <3

    Blaziken in Sapphire. Liza and Tate, don't even remind me of them.
  17. Gelatino95

    Gelatino95 Not a tool

    I EV trained my first pokemon. It was a Garchomp and let me destroy the Battle Subway. This was pretty recent, but it's still one of my strongest pokemon competitive-wise.
  18. DarumakkaImposter

    DarumakkaImposter Well-Known Member

    I remember one playthrough of yellow I did in 04 or 05. I was going through the whole game with a Spearow I had captured on route 2. I beat the Pokemon League with a level 95 Fearow. Pikachu was level 14. Lol. I loved that Fearow, but sadly, restarted.
  19. Bulletproof

    Bulletproof Self explanatory.

    Lets just say, Its extremely hard for Metagross to die in Emerald if It can outspeed almost all fire & ground types with Agility.
  20. unstopable373

    unstopable373 Well-Known Member

    I still can't beat them lol

    but I'm usually really under leveled when I face them.
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