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Obtaining your first "Strong" Pokemon?

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Dugtrio in Yellow. Destroyed everything with it :)


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Much like Squirtle102, after getting a rayquaza in emerald (i think), i trained it to level 100.
I have used it in almost every other game after I have beaten the elite 4 to get money and I still have it on my white version today. :)


My first really 'strong' Pokemon was surprisingly a Miltank in G/S/C. I'll always love the cow. ^^ That thing was great to use in-game.


Brock Obama
An EV trained metagross, raped Emerald BF with it.

WAY before that, used an Rayquaza for Emerald E4, and truly felt "strong" for the first time.


Lord of Shuckles
My first play through of Gold, I only trained my Feraligatr. Johto E4 vs. level 72 Feraligatr? Bye bye.

Then my second play through, I discovered the boy who trades Machop for Drowzee. I trained only the Machop, and hat it level 80+ or something. Then I had to fight Will. ;^;


I play pokemon.
In my very first playthrough of firered, I found raticate, farfetch'd and kingler to be super-strong. Kingler was seriously like the perfect, unbeatable pokemon... until the pokemon league.


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the first pokemon game i Ever played was Saphire and i picked swampert because water types are beast. and i leveled him up to level 100 and used no rare candies he was my best friend

the day after he leveled up to level 100 i lost my game and havent found it since


Never Say Forever
Blastiose (starter) in Blue. It was basically the only Pokemon that I trained for at least the first half of the game. It was a bunch of levels higher than most opponents, and destroyed everything. At least that was what I wanted it to do, the truth was that it wasn't very good after all.


~Setting Sail~
My beloved Sceptile in Emerald. He was the best partner ever. He destroyed anything and everything for for me. Even when I lost the Lavaridge Gym battle, he put in all his effort into defeating that Torkoal. And the second time we challenged Flannery, we pulled through, several potions later. We continued to plow through Gyms. Even Winona stood no chance. When we arrived at our final challenge, the first three E4 members were pitiful. At Drake though, it was down to my "Sceptile on steroids" against Drake's Salamence. We Leaf Bladed it. 20% damage. I stared. Nothing up until now resisted that move so easily. Salamence then proceeded to use... FLAMETHROWER?! I gasped as Sceptile's health fell down by 40%. This was bad. But I refused to give in. Many, many potions later, something horrible happened. Critical hit. Afterward, I got my semi-underleveled team wiped out. This was my fault. But I intended to fix that. We went back and trained. Trained and trained and trained and trained and trained some more. We trained, one on one, until we were losing our sanity with exhaustion. We rested, and went to the League again. Sceptile knew Strength, Leaf Blade, Giga Drain, and Hyper Beam(saw that coming, didn't you). We proceeded to obliterate everything up to Salamence. It was the final battle. At least, that's what I thought. After finally beating Drake and his Salamence, which I've grown to respect to this day, my heart skipped a beat when he said that dreaded sentence: "Now, go on. The champion is waiting." What champion? Neither of us heard about any champion. I knew that this "champion" person must be way stronger than Drake. I was afraid that we'd get defeated again. I looked at Sceptile. He looked at me. We stared at each other. I knew that look. He was saying to never lose hope. And my confidence crashed through the roof. I wasn't about to fail him again. Not now. I healed him. Practically all our healing supplies were gone. Nearly all of Sceptile's PP had drained away. But we didn't give in. As the battle with Wallace started, he sent out Wailord. He was gone in one hit. Milotic was up next. Quite a coincidence how they were both Water type. Mliotic was down with one hit as well. Ludicolo and Tentacruel went down to two hits each. All of them were Water type. I smirked at this. Some champion this was. Whiscash? Down and out. Finally, the last Pokemon came. A Gyarados. The abomination of the sea. It was now or never. Leaf Blade. Dragon Dance. Suddenly, Gyarados went first thanks to his large boost in speed. A Hyper Beam. Sceptile's health dropped. A LOT. 20%. 45%. 60%. 85%. Then it stopped. Sceptile used Leaf Blade like never before. Gyarados fainted. We were finally champions. We got recorded in the Hall of Fame. Our journey together was finished. My life, both in the game and the real world, seemed complete. I couldn't have done this without him. Ever since I met him when he was a mere Treeko, we both thought it was the start of something special. And it truly was. Today, he remains in my heart forever as my favorite Pokemon. That will always be true. Even if my username refers to Dragonites. He's my... Invaluable partner. Buddy. Guardian. Pal. But no matter what, he will always my friend for all of eternity. Always.


Where's Wally?
Back when I first got Silver and I just trained Typloshion. I remember battling Clair's Kingdra over and over even though I way overleveled, it give me a hard time with Surf but I managed to sweep the league and Red with a lot of healing etc, it was pretty awesome.


Pokemon's #1 Fan
It was either catching Zapdos or evolving my Eevee into Vaporeon in Blue. But probably vaporeon cuz I got it to level 72 while I only got Zapdos to 60.
For me back on my red, i started out with charmander. he was meh, ok, but later on i saw a spearow and caught it. i trained spearow i bit, but charmander was still better, later, one day my cousin wanted to get revenge on me for something, so he some how got rid of my charmander. i didnt know if he released or traded it to his game, but i lost charmander. so i used spearow. spearow was weak in the beggining, but when i couldnt beat misty, i trained it so much it evolved. i was so happy, i beat the whole game with fearow. later i transfered it to silver, where i got it to lv 100 and taught it new moves. later when i got fire red, i saw i couldnt get speedy (i nicknamed fearow at one point), so i captured a new speedy, and was determined to make it as strong as speedy. later i migrated it to diamond, then to platinum. there i taught it heat wave and steel wing. later i transfered it to white and taught it drill run. its current moves are drill peck, drill run, heat wave and steel wing. i still have it now. its at level 100, and i still have my silver and that fearow. fearow is my favorite pokemon. ya.


No life till leather
My level 78 Nidoking in my original Yellwo playthrough 9 years ago. Kicked so much ***. Everyone, except giovanni -_-
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