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Obtaining your first "Strong" Pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lunar66, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. Squirtle102

    Squirtle102 The Best Squirtle102

    Although with my Rayquaza I did say had it. *sigh* I reset the game for one of my LP's.
  2. TheMoonlitHawk

    TheMoonlitHawk I am a Bird Hugger!

    My fist one was my Thyphlosion. ^^
  3. Vandslaux

    Vandslaux Well-Known Member

    My first was my bawss Chandelure on my Black. He's awesome and strong, don't deny it. This is, like, the third run I've used Chandelure on.
  4. LunarWolf

    LunarWolf Don't Leave Bacon...

    My first strong one,I think it was the Spiky Eared Pichu.
  5. Nakita

    Nakita Active Member

    I decided to breed my Typhlosion when I had originally gotten Crystal version. Not once, but three times. I had four lvl. 100 Typhlosions [and to this day, I question the amount of time I had to myself as a child] and I think my friend gave up on playing Pokemon with me because of that.
  6. Golemite

    Golemite Well-Known Member

    I only remember that a random Dugtrio appearing in Diglett Cave had a very badass level compared to my team at that stage of the game. I went on to capture it. I don't remember anything else from that first save really, other than spending lots of time in the Safari Zone to catch stuff like Kangaskhan, Scyther and Dratini that were really hard to catch or even find. And my Venusaur was a killer Pokémon. I liked my level 64 Clefable the most though. I remember it could use at least Metronome, Thunderbolt and Tri Attack. Good stuff in the 90s. :)

    <E> Oh, and a spontanious "MEW?!" scream to my friend, as we found Mewtwo the first time from Cerulean Cave post-league. :D (It says "Mew!" before the battle starts.) I remember catching it and getting a place in my party. I think we had already used the Master Ball though, so, not bad for an amateur. :p
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2011
  7. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Oh yeah. Back in RBY, those Dugtrios in Diglett's Cave were some surprising Pokemon! Level 29, compared to the 15-22 of the Diglett, and so fast. Dugtrio's a good one for first "Strong" Pokemon, but I think mine came even earlier. I'm pretty sure I ran into a wild level 7 or 9 Pidgeotto in Viridian Forest in my Yellow version. That would've been my first experience of a "strong" Pokemon the way the OP means it.

    Good times...
  8. Golemite

    Golemite Well-Known Member

    Yeah, those couldn't be found in Red though. Now that you mention Viridian, I now remember spending much time there as well. Got all the bugs and a Pikachu. :) I got my party full of different Pokémon pretty soon after the start.

    Anyway, the first thing that felt tough for the first time was that Dugtrio. I think it was level 30, though, so it felt especially tough since it was on its own ten. No idea where my party was then. Early 20s? :)
  9. Carnivore

    Carnivore Tearing flesh...

    Bulbasaur From Pokemon FireRed.
    Good times with him, Even though i never did much with him after i ran into others.
  10. emboarrocks

    emboarrocks #1 emboar fan

    My Emboar. It was a prime member of my team during the main game and still is now. Don't care if everyone say it sucks, i'm still using it.
  11. Feraligator I guess?
  12. Kotone

    Kotone Well-Known Member

    Other than my previous post stating my Feraligatr, in yellow it was the charmander I got from the person.
  13. LetsGoJeto

    LetsGoJeto I pwn weather teams

    Lawl this takes me back. This is my pikachu. Had a really hard time with the 8th gym leader but was able to evolve my charmelon into charizard on the way to the league.
  14. RaichuArcanine

    RaichuArcanine Hunting Sparkles

    My level 100 Empoleon from my fifth or so reset of my first pokemon game Diamond. I got him as a level 5 Piplup and he's been through: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold and he's now resting in the PC on Black. I love him. =)
  15. Nyter

    Nyter Island Challenger

    My Oshawott... Adamant... Razor Shell... and Focus Energy applied!

    Strong a$.s. Pkmn!
  16. PokeTrainerJay

    PokeTrainerJay High in the Sky

    I got a Level 100 Rayquaza from a friend who got it from Emerald/Ruby or Sapphire. I first got it in my Diamond and all the battles I done it was really strong even though it wasn't EV trained or had a good nature. I then transferred it over to HG, Then to my PBR. I didn't put it to Black because I didn't have it at the time, But it's still on PBR now.

    And yeah those Dugtrio's in Diglett Cave are quite a surprise.
  17. Frog Of Steel

    Frog Of Steel Quirky Nature

    FireRed: "Zapdos, use your murder attack!" I think I beat the elite 4 with just zapdos and venusaur.

    In Black, my Darmanitan and Sawk basically destroy everything.
  18. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    when i caught moltres. xd. him and pika beat the e4 in yellow
  19. ~Ace

    ~Ace i can show you how

    darmanitan was raping the whole e4 :)
  20. KickAsh

    KickAsh halted development

    This sums up my first experience with Pokemon. Except it was on Ruby and not Sapphire.

    Aside from this, in FireRed, I was struggling hopelessly against Blue in the E4. I was still a young kid, and didn't know much about Pokemon. I had a better team than just a Swampert, I had a few other Pokemon like Golem and Venusaur. My strongest Pokemon, though, was Venusaur, so taking town Blue's Charizard was a pain. I went out and used my MasterBall on Zapdos, hoping to just catch a Pokemon that wouldn't be weak to Charizard. Turns out, much to the surprise of 8 year old me, that Zapdos' Thunderbolt was super effective against Charizard, and thus I beat the Elite Four.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2011
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