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Ocean of Art


Derpy Spriter
Shade, I would like Ponymon!
Pokemon: East Gastrodon
Shiny?: Nope.
Earth/Pegasus/Unicorn: Pegasus
Mare/Stallion: Stallion

Hope to see how well you can handle this one! Love your work, both of you!

The Exalt

Will, I found your banner and i uploaded it. So here it is. Sorry for the long delay, end of year tests and revision and stuff happening at the moment and I haven't been able to check SPPf at all


That's fine Shade! But one thing, that banner is freakin awesome!!!


Shade in Shades
Finished requests!!!!


hope you like it. it's pretty simple, if you want anything added or changed, just say.


Turn my Swag on!
I guess I'll support the shop my coleader works at :3

I'd like to request a Pokémon Badge from Shadow Darkrai 101
Pokémon: Hydregion
stroke (big, medium, small, or N/A): Medium
size Standard size for a badge
Shine(light, dim, neutral, or N/A): neutral
Extra Make it look good

Shadow Darkrai 101

Unidentified Trainer
Sorry for the inconvenience but I'll have to close my shop. any new requests or accepted requests will be terminated. I am doing some advanced placement school work so it will be hard t keep up. again I'm terribly sorry.