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October 13th: SM143 - Conclusion! Gaogaen VS Nyaheat!!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Oct 1, 2019.

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  1. Dephender

    Dephender Gizakawayusu Staff Member Moderator

    Satoshi and Professor Kukui's battle has now become Nyaheat VS Gaogaen. Can Nyaheat win against Gaogaen?!


    Agoyon and Lucario clash. And after that, the direction the match will take depends on the outcome of the showdown between Nyaheat and Gaogaen. Nyaheat has yet to win against Gaogaen even once; will it be able to do so this time?

    Screenplay 冨岡淳広 (Atsuhiro Tomioka)
    Storyboard 浅田裕二 (Yūji Asada)
    Episode Director 浅田裕二 (Yūji Asada)
    Animation Director 岩根雅明 (Masaaki Iwane)
    Animation Director 志村泉 (Izumi Shimura)
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2019
  2. ash&charizardfan

    ash&charizardfan Humanity's greatest soldier

    So this will be final part of ash vs kukui, it this the final match up or is it going to be tapu koko vs pikachu its confusing. I have a feeling we could see a last minute evolution.
    Redstar45 likes this.
  3. andrewscott48209

    andrewscott48209 Well-Known Member

    I think that this is the original final battle. Once this battle ends, and before the crowd can leave, Tapu Koko appears, heals Pikachu, and challenges it to a battle under professor Kukui's control, so that they can both use a Z Move.
    TheWanderingMist likes this.
  4. Doppelgänger

    Doppelgänger Superancient Member

    Tapu Koko wouldn't be able to heal Pikachu without external help - Tapu Lele can do it with her scales, while Tapu Bulu needs to give berries. However, Koko has been shown to refresh Z-Power, as the shiny one did during the adventure in the Ultra Ruin.
    Bortgreen likes this.
  5. andrewscott48209

    andrewscott48209 Well-Known Member

    True, but we might also see Tapu Lele here or in the next episode. We'll have to wait for further summaries to see if that's true.
  6. nickdt

    nickdt Well-Known Member

    We won't. Torracat is not gonna evolve because of a number of factors: 1. Torracat hates Incineroar (Makes no sense for it to evolve into something it hates) 2. If Torracat evolves, it won't face Incineroar to avoid confusion for the people watching.
  7. GalladeRocks

    GalladeRocks Son of a Beach

    I wouldn’t say that’s a fair reason to rule it out. 1) Correct me if I’m wrong but Torracat doesn’t like HATE Incineroar as a species, right? It’s just got it’s rivalry with Kukui’s, not like there’s any real hard feelings involved. And 2) there have been fights between Pokemon of the same species in the anime before, and not just with one being distinguished by being shiny or something like that. Not saying that I think Torracat WILL evolve but I don’t think there’s really a lot that would PREVENT it.
  8. RedR

    RedR Well-Known Member

    torrikat will evolve here, and depending on the narritive decisions, i think ash wins
  9. 1rkhachatryan

    1rkhachatryan Call me Robert guys

    I think it's clear that some sort of upgrade is gonna happen here with Torracat. If not evolution, maybe he'll use Blaze for an extra bit of power.
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  10. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Kanae, Keeper of the Gates Emblazoned

    Wooo! 3 parter! I'm assuming that Pikachu will get knocked out because they still have the rematch with Tapu Koko afterward.
  11. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    Yeah, you're officially trolling. Where's Pikachu vs. Zeraora in the league?!?
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  12. pancakemonster

    pancakemonster ULTIMATE VICTORY

    Whatever happens, I'm glad Torracat is getting a fair shake at its rival. And between Incineroar having to fight Lycanroc and Melmetal, maybe it can even pull out the win.
  13. mobius34

    mobius34 Active Member

    The summary is, "Will Torracat win against Incineroar?" which is the same wording they used in the league final, which said, "Will Ash win his first league?" They're mostly likely going to have Torracat win to settle its rivalry.

    I just wonder if it will evolve or not.
    Kawaii Emolga likes this.
  14. CMButch

    CMButch Well-Known Member

    If Torracat evolves I can see Ash winning, if not, Kukui would win.
  15. DuquÊ?

    DuquÊ? Too lazy to pick a pic

    It still could be a draw and Tapu Koko just butts in to decide the match.
    Kawaii Emolga and Bortgreen like this.
  16. Zariful

    Zariful Well-Known Member

    It legit says the battle has come down to Torracat vs Incineroar. They’re both down to their final Pokémon. There’s no Pikachu coming in to sweep.
  17. nuzamaki90

    nuzamaki90 Well-Known Member

    Torracat’s bell trait has never been brought up a single time besides for this battle. That was done specifically to indicate Torracat’s passionate feelings for this battle. This is 100% going to end in Torracat taking on Blast Burn ala Fletchling and evolve.

    And it will be spoiled by Oha Suta to make this whole thing come full circle
  18. Joltik-Kid

    Joltik-Kid Another year of wasting my life ಠ_ಠ

    Or you know guys, the Firium-Z could just win the match? Crazy shot in the dark, I know
  19. satopi

    satopi SM Ash is best Ash! All hail Champion Ash!

    That’ll be stupid and overly done if Torracat evolves and wins against Incineroar. You really think he’ll win after the last time he evolved? Torracat doesn’t have to evolve in order to beat Incineroar and it’ll lose all hype if the #1 DEM occurs here again. If Torracat was going to evolve, we could’ve at least gotten it’s Z Crystal. I think he’ll use a Z Move to counter against Incineroar.
    Pokegirl Fan~ likes this.
  20. mobius34

    mobius34 Active Member

    What on earth are you referring to here? It evolving to put up a fight would make sense. Torracat was heavily outmatched and I cannot see it winning without a DEM if it stays as is
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