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October 1st: PM2019 082 - Mawhip's Super Sweet Battle?!


GengaTuber Official [Youtube Channel]
Watch as Leon gets absolutely lost in Glimwood Tangle on his way to Ballonlea Town.

Raihan: Leon, where are you going? You’re going the wrong way!
Opal: Oh, I can see you guys are lost. Come on, come over for tea.

Raihan & Leon: No thanks. We have to look for the train or we won't make it to Wyndon!

Opal: Oh come on, you can play your game here, why always Wyndon? But wait a minute...
(takes out rotom's smartphone and calls Ash for an invitation to the competition)

And Opal: doing a cookie contest for three trainers (all of them have been tricked into her pink trap)


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Gardevoir is not only cute and beautiful, she will also take care of her coach no matter what, she is also capable of creating a small black hole if her Trainer life is in imminent danger, according to her data it is believed that she feels love for her trainer , no matter how bad the trainer is with him / her, he / she will always love his / her trainer, for this and much more Gardevoir is one of the best, and probably the best pokewaifu