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October 21st: PM2019 129 - The Finals I: Torrent

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Horizons is THAT show.
Ash vs Leon is 4 episodes, so that would make Dawn's return episodes total up to 21 (9 in BW, 8 regular episodes + 4 Arceus specials in JN). Yes, she would hold the record with the most return episodes as a former companion of Ash.
I forgot this was a three parter which everyone thought before today.
Misty, Brock, Iris? Unless you mean something more or else with that statement.
I mean I keep counting OS as an entire series for some reason but yes technically. Brock is just a given. Iris was a competitor and was already there and almost left immediately after so yeah. It’s not like she went out of her way to go there. Perhaps I should myself more clear. Dawn is the only companion that’s visited a league twice in terms of a different region and a different series or on a technicality for Iris.. “travelled there specifically for that”
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I'll laugh if, after all the criticism of her walking in place and not forwarding her goal, Dawn just casually drops here that she won a Grand Festival since she last showed up.
I get the feeling that’s what they’ll do

Yuugis Black Magician

Namaikina Imouto
Is it just me seeing and imagining things because of how often I've seen Marvel do it, or does that unusually large gap beside Chloe in the preview scream "edited out character" to anyone else?

It would be even easier to edit characters out of the storyboard (assuming the audience and stands are that) than the CG that MCU uses.

It's actually pretty easy to exclude characters for both. In the editing process the individual drawings are represented as layers in the digital editing process. If the original editing files still exist—which they likely would if the production crews didn't discard them after making the finished cut—all they have to do is open the file in their software and unselect whichever components contain an asset (in this case, a layer/drawing they don't want to include) and they could literally have a version of a shot without it.

Like, they wouldn't just pay extra money to finished a shot and then erase characters, they would simply not include the animation they don't want being seen yet in the version of the shot they export. It's like removing a paragraph from one copy of a text file not from the original version of said text file.


Horizons is THAT show.
Especially the ones who haven't returned YET. Poor Misty lol.
Yeah Spryo just corrected me. It’s been twenty one episodes. And Misty got like eleven.

In their defense though May and Max can’t come and they’re pretty much the only people

May’s and Max’s voice actors are retired and it’s just really Tracey and he never speaks.

I think the only other companions who haven’t appear is Cilan and Misty and unless they’re planning on having them sit next to the girls it’s likely they’re getting a still shot.
Serena has Pancham but otherwise idk.
Doubtful. It could be somebody not carrying a Pokémon with them like in Ash’s battle and only Hop and Goh had their Pokémon
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Serena’s next to Chloe
Also if Ash uses the Nuke as a finisher again I will be so pissed. So boring.


Hmmm looked at the preview so leon and sonia on their childood flashback and chloe and freaking dawn return I'm happy and hop as well with the battle so leon team is charizard, Mr rime, cinderace, inteleon,Rillaboom and Dragapult so leon has all the galar starter team wow :oops: and apart from that man that last flashback of ash and pikachu when ash met pikachu for the first time.
So goh was also there but he was alone wonder if he going to see the battle of ash and leon in the pokedex.


Horizons is THAT show.
"This battle.. it contains all the adventures we've had since the day me and Pikachu first met!"


Introducing our new main character. No but really, it’s time for Ash to go. It’s a shame if the series is ending completely given the production issues but this is as close as he’ll get to becoming a Pokémon Master.
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Getting tired from this Leon Ash build.... had several recaps featuring it, seeing it in the beginning of every episode...
Ok we get it, they both want to battle each other. OK! Zero depth to it
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