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October 21st: PM2019 129 - The Finals I: Torrent

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Oh. He can be kinda nutty so I thought he meant to say GF as in where is Serena so I made a joke out of it. They didn’t have league and all of those pictures are of Ash losing every single league… I mean gaining experience so yeah


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Ash vs Cynthia's Garchomp and Lucario finale may not have been the visual spectacle we were expecting like Haxorus and Garchomp's Draco meteor shower was, but I was pleasantly surprised and loved how BRUTUAL it felt, like a full on slugfest, an all strats are exhausted time for the final showdown and just beating each other up and trying to endure. It was a pure Cockfight and was exhilirating. I think it was an interesting choice separating the spectacle with Dynamax Togekiss and having a brutual slugfest between the two. Plus it opens up Ash vs Leon to have the major spectacle ending, which it should. Garchomp and Lucario by their nature as pokemon makes for good hand to hand brutual beatdowns as a climax, Pikachu and Charizard do NOT

Also funny to see people shortening that whole Dragonite fiasco as to people being "Upset someone thought it wasnt good", ignoring the actual comments that were made in a flammatory way and the overall discussion leading upto it and that user's behaviour in general but then again not surprised, people here love to cherrypick to fit their agendas

Werent you the one who complained UnovaMaster is toxic because they went personal and now you're doing the same over them liking Masters 8 over any other league arc the last decade? Atleast be consistent lmao
Yeah, for people who swear it annoyed them so much and want to forget about it, there’s a lot of passive aggressive snide comments being made in these past few pages when it has nothing to do with the episode. Best left to continue to not concern yourself with the indecency.

We got one of the biggest episodes in the history of the anime airing in just under 30 minutes. Get hype!
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