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October 22nd: PM2019 084 - The Lucarionite! Adventure on Mega Island!!

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You have to understand the meaning of the trope I was talking about.
It refers to when an unassuming character knocks off their facade and shows just how powerful they really are.
That's just the vibe I always got from her in the anime.
Which you must understand the meaning better.

It comes into play from characters that are useless morons all the time who suddenly do something incredible.

Cynthia is definitely not a moron.

However, anime!Alder is a moron but a badass when it has to count...rarely.
Cynthia shows up in Episode 83 where Unown appears in, not this episode.
This episode might be 84 or 85.


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Yeah that is not a Mega Garchomp in that photo. Just box standard Cynthia’s “IMMA DESTROY YOU AND YOUR DREAMS AND YOUR GRANDKIDS’ DREAMS” Garchomp.


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you mean once grookey evolves?
I mean if Alcremie is going to be his shoulder mon and get caught in episode 82 then it’s probably going to be showing up from now on in a lot of episodes, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Grookey winds up evolving soon.

We might get Grookey evolving into Thwackey within this year.
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