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October 23rd: PM2019 042 - Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald

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Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Wasnt that the case in most previous gens too?
No, not really and certainly not 'most previous gens'.

GenI: The games were Red and Green. Yes, Ash got a Charizard, but that's just because it was the most popular starter. There weren't any differences between game versions. Except Yellow, which was basically the original games, but tweaked to have some animé influence.
GenII: Same thing here. No differences in game versions, outside of Crystal having a Suicune-plotline.
GenIII: The major differences in these games were which team was 'antagonistic'. In the animé both were seen as antagonistic.
GenIV: The animé had a weird fusion of the DPt-games. It favored neither Dialga or Palkia, did not feature Giratina, but included Pt-characters like Looker and Charon.
GenV: Everything got the shaft. Zekrom was supposed to have a bigger role in the original episodes but got canned, Reshiram got something in Episode N.
GenVI: XYZ happened and that was an animé-only plotline, Yveltal and Xerneas got a weird special after all was said and done.
GenVII: Heavily favored Sun.

So the only two you might point towards are GenV, which was a trainwreck due to outside, realworld problems and poor decisions (my opinion) and GenVII.

Is there no episode this week?
It's airing tomorrow.
No? It said Satoshi and Go were on their way to see her, not that they'd actually succeed in meeting her. Considering how much they're playing up Sonia's role, chances are Magnolia is away and they have to work with Sonia instead.
Yeah just like in the game, she is kinda invisible


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
I'm wondering about the mysterious pokémon. I'm thinking the summary is alluding to the wolves, but the boys will encounter the Centiskorch first?

The placement of Centiskorch in the VA-list is quite high for it not to be a major role.
You know, this episode sounds kinda boring to me tbh. And we got our first "get lost in a forest" episode since XY
It is. The Corocoro article attaches the blurb "Two mysterious Pokémon appear in a forest shrouded in thick mist. Could they be...?!" to pictures of them, and also specifies that it's exactly two Pokémon.
They dont even try to hide them


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Centiskorch in the Slumbering Weald? While it would be nice if Ash caught it I suspect it will be Go. Especially if Ash catches the Marshstomp tomorrow
well not exactly for Go.

This is what Centiskorch will likely be like when it debuts and Leon happens to be there as well so this is either just Leon fighting it off or Ash meeting up with him to help out and Go looks to be headed to Stow-on-Side with Sonia instead while obtaining his own Dynamax band along the way.
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