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October 23rd: PM2019 042 - Sword & Shield I: Slumbering Weald

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well not exactly for Go.

This is what Centiskorch will likely be like when it debuts and Leon happens to be there as well so this is either just Leon fighting it off or Ash meeting up with him to help out and Go looks to be headed to Stow-on-Side with Sonia instead while obtaining his own Dynamax band along the way.
Yeah, its kinda sad that the story is kind of predictable


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Here's I've been kind of curious about...would this arc have happened even EARLIER if it hadn't been for the COVID Hiauts? o_O


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I would like if Ash catch the Centiskorch, but it's probably wild or belongs to these Eva or Doug.
It’s literally positioned above Ash’s Dragonite and Riolu in the VA list, so it wouldn’t make any sense for it to just be a Pokémon of the day or belong to a character of the day or a minor character.


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He would’ve been mentioned in the cast or promoted. But no. He was nowhere to be seen.
Plus why would Kabu’s Pokémon be above Ash’s Dragonite and Riolu in the VA list?

I feel like that’s something some people are over looking. I mean heck main cast Pokémon tend to take priority over other Pokémon.


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Centiskorch is in my top 5 designs of this gen so I'm glad to see it debut here. Though it's a shame that Kabu most likely won't debut its GMax form.


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Coalassol? Ash could just fight Melony in place of Gordie.
If they have Ash teaming up with Zacian (which looks likely) after battling Bea and owning G-Farfetch'd then it would seem that they're going to greatly follow Pokemon Sword which then would mean he'll face Gordie instead.
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