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October 6th: SM142 - Burn with Passion! Get Filled with Intensity! A Full Battle!!!

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Dephender, Sep 5, 2019.

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  1. _AISP

    _AISP Insect/Pokemon lover

    Or if Kukui had a greninja, HA.
    Pokegirl Fan~ and KenzeyEevee like this.
  2. Bortgreen

    Bortgreen UP NEXT: Who gets to keep Gengar?

    Of course Ash is not going to win, but I hope for a worthy battle
    I don't want to see Ash being Tobias'd even if his team is weaker than half of Kukui's
  3. UltimateNinja

    UltimateNinja ~Ice Cold~

    Oh hey, another Lucario in someone's team Ash will lose to.

    So original.....*sigh*
    Pokegirl Fan~ likes this.
  4. xinfernapex

    xinfernapex Sinnoh Champion

    Bit random but I hope Molayne is here to referee the match. He’s Kukui’s closest friend and knows that he is MR so it’s a bit weird that he hasn’t shown up at the league.
  5. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 #TEAMSOBBLE

    Either him, Hala, or Oak should ref this
  6. TheWanderingMist

    TheWanderingMist Mataraja, Keeper of the Gates Forbidden

    Watch Ash win. I'm riding this train 'til it crashes.
  7. Lord Godwin

    Lord Godwin The Lord of Darkness

    Sure as long as:
    Pikachu beats Lucario
    Ash's Charizard beats Blaziken
    Sceptile beats Latios
    Greninja beats Charizard X
    Torracat/Infernape beats Incineroar
    Krookodile beats Braviary:-D
  8. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    I am thinking two. I think it will start at that episode with TBA title and finish here.
  9. dman_dustin

    dman_dustin Well-Known Member

    Would be nice, but Hala is the head referee, so I don't know if they would ignore Hala for the exhibition match.
  10. Ning

    Ning Well-Known Member

    Any chance Tapu Koko could be Ash’s 6th? He doesn’t catch him but he battles for him.
    JustAStatistic likes this.
  11. Charles07

    Charles07 New Member

    With Oak being around in these episodes, I'm quite sure he's gonna recommend Ash to call, at least, one of his reserves.
  12. Mr.Munchlax

    Mr.Munchlax Thunder Trainer

    Now THIS is the real champion battle. I’m still happy Ash finally won a Pokémon League, but I refuse to call him a champion unless he beats the Masked Royal, who seems like the real champion Alola currently has.

    It’s more than likely either going to be Poipole or Nebby/Solgaleo
  13. WaterShuriken

    WaterShuriken Well-Known Member

    If Poipole does not come back, then Ash should use a reserve instead.

    Maybe he can bring in Totodile, Corphish, Buizel, or Oshawott and they can evolve since some people want a mid-battle evolution.
  14. Bortgreen

    Bortgreen UP NEXT: Who gets to keep Gengar?

    And who would transfer a reserve to him if Oak is in Alola? Tracey/Gary's triumphant return?
    KenzeyEevee likes this.
  15. Ash would have a strategy how to beat a Lucario by now
    04n70n10, CMButch and Kuzehiko like this.
  16. Kuzehiko

    Kuzehiko Well-Known Member

    Tracey obviously.
    Shuriken Throw and KenzeyEevee like this.
  17. Or even offscreen lol
  18. Kuzehiko

    Kuzehiko Well-Known Member

    Ash has beaten Lucario twice. I am sure he has.

    Hope not.
    I wanna see him onscreen.
  19. Decidueye23

    Decidueye23 Well-Known Member

    Nah. Watch greninja make a last minute entrance and spam water shiriken and beat incineroar.
    Spider-Phoenix and KenzeyEevee like this.
  20. Everything can happen at this point. This is still SM
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