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October 8th: PM2019 083 - The Py That Became A Star

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They censored Olivia with a jacket she never took off even when diving underwater.

In fact, I don't even remember if Jessie ever wore a swimsuit in Alola.
Isn't Lusamine was wear a bikini at Lillie's flashback where Nebby suddenly teleported her and Ash at few places?


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Except it’s not really a filler considering that it is reintroducing Cynthia, who will likely appear again in future episodes and is likely going to be one of Ash’s opponents.
Yeah, but they could've down that without mixing in Cleffa focus of all things o_O
Cynthia is simply doing her filler episode, but Ash and Goh being together with her made it a canon episode.
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Fun fact: Soph's dream and Molayne are tied for their number of appearances in Sun & Moon :D

ergo, Filler
Filler has lost all its meaning now istg....
Sophs dream and Molayne do show up later, and it is Sophs GOAL, which leads to his endgame in SM being to go to Mossdeep and is what he's currently pursuing
Heck that episode was even a developmental episode for Poipole


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Legends Arceus shall be a masterpiece


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For another time, I hate the fact that the episode takes place in some nondescript location that's supposed to be Johto. Couldn't they set it somewhere near Mt. Moon (maybe show Mt. Moon Square for the first time?) or in the Ruins of Alph, if Unown are involved. That would be in Johto and would explain what Cynthia's doing there (since she's into myths and stuff). We'd also get a proper debut of a location that was completely parodied in its old Original Series episode (the Fossil one in Johto, yeah, that was supposedly "Ruins of Alph"). But no, this has just to be some random irrelevant location. This series promised us that it'd visit multiple regions, but with this execution it just doesn't make sense. This episode could take place in Vermillion just as well and it wouldn't make any more or less sense.
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